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My PoV on Unbranded – Don’t Like Them? Then Don’t Wear!

Around Oct 2010, I was looking around for a new pair of raw but like most, wasn’t in a position to break the bank for a pair.  I looked around on various forums and sites and was reminded of a really comparatively cheap brand, “Unbranded“.  Yes, yes very fitting name…

Rough background is that they offer three different sizes of 14.5oz Japanese Raw Denim (Straight, Skinny, and Tapered) for ~$80USD exclusively via Urban Outfitters; and since their debut in ~2006, they’ve have built up quite the community of haters (see  SuFu & Hypebeast).  When skimming and scanning for actually good reviews, I lost track of the countless, superficial, an “OMG they’re going mainstream”, “all the hipsters will wear them now!”, etc.

Regardless of the reviews, it’s great to see some denim manufacturers catering to this end of the market. If anything as well, it makes trying raw denim much easier for many people.  In their words…

Unbranded Raw Denim

The Unbranded Brand is a crazy new concept in the world of premium apparel. While other companies compete based on designer ego, celebrity followings and ad campaigns, we have decided to do the opposite. Instead of selling sex, glamour and image, we just sell a better product at a better price. Strange idea eh?

We think overpriced over-marketed jeans are silly. That’s why we stripped our jeans down to the core essentials… great denim, perfect trims and solid construction. Have you ever wondered why jeans cost what they do? Why are some “premium” jeans $250 while others are $80?…

-Unbranded “About” Web Site

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