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Welcome to rawrdenim.com!

We’re a brand new blog and content site dedicated purely to one thing and one thing only –men’s raw denim.  If you’re anything like us, you probably love raw denim as much as your mother and wear a pair 7+ times / week…you’re wearing a pair right now, aren’t you?

Although we’re still in the midst of setting up (as you might already be able to tell), our goal is to be your most comprehensive resource for men’s raw denim online; initially including daily weekday blog entries (i.e. raw denim trends, news, etc.), practical and interesting articles, and much more that is still WIP and best kept on the DL for now 😉

Also, as guys who could rawr about raw denim all day, we hold ourselves as our biggest critic and customer, and are always gonna strive to create a great user experience – from both a design and content standpoint.  However, we know we’re not raw denim experts and will always value any feedback you might have.  Whether you feel we f’d up on something or you have a great idea that would improve the site, please do let us know via our Contact Form.

heddels.com – home of everything raw and denim!