How To Store Your Raw Denim Properly and Easily

You’ve had to grind out another long day and the last thing you want to do is hang up your clothes, right?  So you ball up your t-shirt/shirt, denim, socks, undies, etc. and toss it on the ground to worry about later. Alright, just stop. Unless you could care less about the livelihood of your raw denim as well the time, money, and effort you’ve invested into them, it’s essential you take the time to store them properly.

The risk you take of not storing your raw denim properly is not only will you muddle or straighten the creases (I’ve learned this the hard way), but it will also deteriorate the fabric and overall lifespan.  Just do yourself a favor and read on…


Treat your raw denim poorly and it may as well be a rug


  • Dump on the floor
  • Fold in the midsection over a hanger
  • Hang by the hems

Two Quick Solutions

1.  Hang by the belt loops (below is actually how I store my raw denim – $5 unit from IKEA and 5 minutes of installation time)


2.  Hang via hangers with clips on the waist (more involved process, but very doable)


Do yourself a favor and follow one of the above method.  It’ll pay you dividends for years to come!

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