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5 Raw Denim Accessories You Need To Know

You might love the material of raw denim, but did you ever think of other instances in which it is used?  As raw denim is known for its slick, industrial, sturdy, and clean design, it makes sense that it isn’t just used for jeans (that demand your brutal attention).  Its other “use cases” include times when you need protection or a very rigid, albeit fashionable, clothing accessory.

If your interest is piqued, please read on for our five raw denim accessories that you need to know:

1. iPad and iPhone Raw Denim Case ($65.oo USD)



Designed by Portland-based MS&Co., the iPad and iPhone raw denim cases not only protect these fragile items from any abrasion, but also conceal them well, thereby thwarting any (unnecessary) attention.  If anything, the red selvedge lining is just plain nice.

  • 13.5 Oz. White Oak raw selvedge
  • $65.00 USD (15% off when both purchased)
  • Available at MS&Co.

2. “Chelsea” Raw Denim Bow Tie ($38.00 USD)

Raw Denim Bow Tie

You might not wear a bow tie on a daily basis, but when you do, I’m sure you’d prefer it’s one that stands out from all others, holds a firm shape, and is showcases strong creases.  Look no further than the self-proclaimed “bow tie guys”, Robot & Brucling, who have boldly taken it upon themselves to develop this simple, elegant raw denim bow tie.

  • Indigo blue with 18″ adjustable neck strap
  • $38.00 USD
  • Available at Robot & Brucling

3. Raw Selvedge Denim Handkerchief ($28.00 USD)


Handmade denim goods producer, Rogue Territory, take an interesting, borderline disruptive, approach to the entire concept of handkerchiefs with their very own raw denim version.  Utilizing a special denim from the Nihon Menpu mills in Japan, they have constructed (by hand) a 13″ x 13″ square raw denim handkerchief – nice.

  • 13″ x 13″
  • 8 Oz. raw denim from Nihon Menpu mills
  • $28.00 USD
  • Available at Rogue Territory

4. Raw Denim “Shortie” Key Ring ($12.00 USD)


Unique in implementation and simple in nature, Early to Rise, produce a series of “Shortie” raw denim rings.  Though some vary in selvedge type and (seemingly) size, you know that this is a raw denim utilized in this case makes perfect sense.  It will stand up to any wear and tear (I’ve personally had tons of key ring gimmicks just fall off) and will distinguish your set of keys from anyone else’s.

  • Choice of 12 oz. red selvedge raw cone denim, 12 Oz. indigo raw Kurabo denim, 12 Oz. yellow selvedge raw cone denim, 12 Oz. Hickory Stripe Raw Denim
  • $12.00 USD each
  • Available at Early to Rise‘s Etsy Store

5. Raw Denim Apron ($150.00 USD)


Last, but not least, we point your attention to a fairly heavy and audacious piece by Iron Heart.   Bearing in mind that raw denim provides you protection from all harm (particularly when you’re getting into the heavy stuff), Iron Heart have manufactured a raw denim apron (model WE-02) with loads of pockets and rivets to boot.

  • 21 Oz. Indigo Selvedge Raw Denim
  • $150.00 USD
  • Available at Iron Heart

Stay Raw!

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