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Baldwin Denim & Collection – July 4 Commemoration

To commemorate America’s birthday, we decided it is only fitting that we shine the spotlight on a truly American denim label – Baldwin Denim.  Launched in the fall of 2009 by Matt Baldwin, Baldwin Denim is dedicated to both men’s and women’s raw denim.  Yes, some Japanese fabric is utilized (due to high quality fabric), but 100% of cutting and sewing takes place right in the U.S.A.

I know, some might argue that are many, many passionate and driven denim producers that are located in the U.S.  What separates Baldwin Denim from the masses?  It’s the story told.  In short, Baldwin Denim is a grass-roots project based in Kansas City but draws on experience gained from a plethora of U.S. cities.

The longer version of the story begins with a one Matt Baldwin who was born and raised in the mid-west city, Kansas City, Missouri.  Eventually, Baldwin found himself hopping over to the East Coast, then west to Colorado, and finally south to Los Angeles.  He spent years rotating through various apparel-related positions with one goal being to understand the in’s and out’s of the fashion industry.

When Baldwin returned home to Kansas City in 2003, it was at this point where he really made his mark. Opening stores, Standard Style Boutique (as well standardstyle.com), he and his wife, Emily, grew the two shops to become premier destinations of raw denim.

It is with no surprise then that Baldwin chose to put his chops to the ultimate test with starting his own line, Baldwin Denim.  The brand represents a purely American story of one’s insatiable desire for curiosity, creativity, and creation.  He traveled far and wide to build his skill set and brought it back home to Kansas City.

Though our roots are just north of the U.S. border, on a day like today we have to give due credit to Matt Baldwin and what he’s created with Baldwin Denim.

They offer a range of beautifully made garments and some of our favorite items are below.  Note the selvedge-lined coin pocket (not enough attention is paid to this detail) and classic white rivet on the back pocket (simple, yet edgy).

1. The Henley

Baldwin Denim Henley Raw Denim

  • Name: The Henley
  • Fit: Classic slim
  • Denim: Kurabo Japan, 100% Cotton
  • Weight: 14 Oz.

2. The Wallet

Baldwin Denim Wallet

  • Name: The Wallet
  • Denim: Kurabo Japan, 100% Cotton
  • Weight: 14 Oz.
  • Other: Red line selvedge, hand-make leather

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