Alternative Cleaning – A.P.C. x Aesop Fine Fabric Care

Over the past few months, we have covered several methods and agents for cleaning your raw denim – ranging from a classic soak and infamous freezing technique, to incorporating Sugar Cane & Co’s cleaning detergent or, if your denim has a “sticky situation”, ice.  As there is no single one way to clean your raw denim, we’d like to discuss another treatment alternative, the A.P.C. x Aesop Fine Fabric Care.

No stranger to the collaboration scene, A.P.C. teamed with Aesop about one year ago to create a special fabric cleaner that was designed specifically for hand washing delicate garments and clothes. According to their site, the Fine Fabric Care contains extracts of pettigrain, lemon, and cedarwood; and is made with the same attention and detail that Aesop applies when making skin, hair and other beauty products.

To be honest, it’s a tad lah-di-dah for my liking.  However you can’t deny that, if applied, you’ll have both the cleanest and nicest smelling raw denim around.


  • Name: A.P.C. x Aesop Fine Fabric Care
  • Volume: 500 ml
  • Cost: Approximately $38.00
Instructions of Use
  1. Draw a shallow bathtub of lukewarm water
  2. Mix in half a table spoon of the Fine Fabric Care 
  3. Lay raw denim in tub, inside out
  4. Shake lightly to remove any dirt
  5. Leave for an hour
  6. Rinse with cold water
  7. Hang dry
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A.P.C. x Aesop Fine Fabric Care
A.P.C. x Aesop Fine Fabric Care
A.P.C. x Aesop Fine Fabric Care
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