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My Top 5 Reasons For Buying Raw Denim

I’m excited to mark the start of a new adventure in the denim world. I’m joining the Heddels team to write about all things denim and educate both fellow denimheads, as well those curious about raw denim.

A notable highlight and my contribution to denim is my experiment with Dr. Rachel McQueen at the University of Alberta on my 15 month unwashed Nudie Jeans. In short, the bacteria counts from 15 months to 13 days were the same. I will do a follow-up post about the experiment soon, but for now, you can check the original story “After 15 Months without washing, Nudie pants show ‘normal’ bacteria levels” and watch the video for now.

Ever since I started wearing raw denim, it’s always been interesting to hear everyone’s stories and reasons for getting into the raw denim game. Here are my personal top 5 reasons for buying raw denim:

  1. My close friend, Vince, wore a pair of Nudie Jeans in high school, and I got to witness the evolution of his jeans over an 11 month period. I wanted to try out and experience raw denim.
  2. I’m a smaller guy – not as ripped as I thought, unfortunately – and I found that most jeans in the lower price range ($50-$100) never fit me properly. Raw denim can be a bit more expensive, but it’s worth the investment. NOTE: my first pair was a gift from my brothers.
  3. I wanted the “perfect” pair of jeans. Everyone does. Few find THAT pair.
  4. I figured that only needing and wearing one pair of jeans would save money – and it did! Good money-saving measure for students.
  5. I wanted to challenge myself to break social convention about cleanliness and washing clothing. I figured that raw denim was safe from a lot of anecdotal evidence that I gathered from friends and on the various forums.

In the coming weeks, you’ll get a firsthand look on the experiment, my experience and what’s happened to me since the media event from mid-January. Iron sharpens iron, so feel feel to agree, disagree or add-on to any articles. It’s going to be a fun ride – hang on to your belt loops!

As for getting into raw denim, what’s your story? What were your reasons for entering the raw denim world. We’d love to hear your story via the comments below.

Stay Raw!

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