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Raw Denim Reading – “American Market Kawasaki”

As a tech-savvy denim-enthusiast, I spend a fair bit of time combing the internet for news of new models, brands, and happenings in the raw denim scene. Part of that constant search involves visiting a regular rotation of websites and blogs, some of which I hope to share with readers over the next little while.

For starters, I have to admit that many of these sites (the blogs, in particular) are only offered in Japanese. I understand that this can be a nuisance for many, but I assure you that they are still worth a visit if for no other reason than the awesome photos (think of it as “denim porn”).

One such blog is a Yahoo-based site by the title of American Market Kawasaki. Despite the odd and somewhat misleading name, the blog is a treasure trove of photos and info about denim and vintage Americana. Run by a gentleman using the moniker “Dumbo”,  the blog has regular, almost daily, updates.

While very little info is provided by Dumbo about himself, it appears he runs a shop specializing in denim, American casual clothing, and all things vintage. He regularly posts photos of new items he comes across, as well as his own personal outfits (similar to Superfuture’s “What Are You Wearing Today?” thread).

For our purposes, though, the most relevant part of the blog is his documentation of his denim progress. The blog has featured many Japanese staple brands, including The Flat Head, Warehouse and Sugar Cane. However, Dumbo’s main brand of choice is Samurai Jeans. His collection of Samurai jeans are well-known in the Japanese denim scene, going so far as to be featured regularly on the Samurai Jeans official site’s “Boast of Denim”.

On top of this, there is evidence to suggest that Dumbo is a personal acquaintance of Samurai Jeans’ president Nogami-san. More importantly, is the striking fades that occur on Dumbo’s jeans. His collection of jeans takes the term “contrast fades” to a whole new level.

Many people find the fades fascinating, with some Japanese denim-heads referring to them as “water-fades” due to their similarity to rippling water. Others find the fades unattractive, citing them as being too intense or looking fake. Whatever the case, it must be said that Dumbo’s blog is an excellent example of the Japanese denim scene. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Blogger Dumbo - Samurai Jeans

Blogger “Dumbo”

Dumbo's Samurai S510XX 24oz.

Dumbo’s Samurai S510XX 24oz.

Samurai S510XX 24oz.

Samurai S510XX 24oz.

Samurai S510XX 24oz.

Samurai S510XX 24oz.

Samurai S510XX 24oz.

Samurai S510XX 24oz.

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