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Raw Denim Reading – The Samurai Book

With the school year fast approaching for some, we wanted to warm those up to the prospect of studying and textbooks with a few suggestedraw denim reads.

When learning about the seemingly mystical realm of Japanese raw and repro denim, one of the first names most denim enthusiasts come across is Samurai Jeans Co.  Long a staple of the Japanese denim scene, Samurai has built something of a cult following based on it’s characteristic blend of traditional artisan craft and a constant pursuit of new boundaries.

For those of us who have fallen hard for this brand, we now have a great resource available. Japanese publishers “Neko Mook” have dedicated a special issue of their Americana-and-Vintage magazine, “Daytona Bros”, entirely to this company. The Daytona Bros. Samurai Book is a full-colour wealth of information and photos all about Samurai Jeans Co.

The book is “hosted” by Japanese comedian Yamaguchi Tomomitsu and is a comprehensive guide, featuring sections dedicated to the history of the company (est. 1997), interviews with Samurai president Nogami-san, as well as lots of photos and explanations of each step taken to produce their jeans from cotton selection to sewing the arcuates.

The book also includes an “encyclopedia” of Samurai products, including photos of every model ever created. It even contains photos of Nogami-san’s personal jeans and pairs worn by other Samurai employees. The Daytona Bros. Samurai Book is available on Amazon Japan.

Some sneak peeks of the magazine:
Daytona Bros - The Samurai Book
Daytona Bros - The Samurai Book
Daytona Bros - The Samurai Book
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