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Hidden Rivets – Devil In The Details

When was the last time you took a good look at the inside of your denim? If it’s been some time, grab a pair and give them a look. If you’re lucky, you might notice one of the best, albeit most overlooked, details of raw denim – the hidden (back pocket) rivets.

Raw Denim Hidden Rivet - H&M

According to history, rivets extruding on the outside of the denim were originally covered in 1937 due to inflicting horse saddle and furniture damage. Though saddle damage is one of our last concerns in today’s day and age, hidden rivets still have much practical application. They effectively strengthen points of weakness on a pair of jeans, thereby tacking on many more years of wear.

Literally acting as two small pieces of metal tightly bound together, they are attached to the denim before the back-pocket is stitched on. Thus, it is only visible from the inside of the jean.

Bartack Stitch

However, that’s not to say all denim producers take the time and effort to “rivet” their garments together. Most denim now uses a bartack stich that also reinforces any denim stress points (i.e. pockets, zippers, crotch seams, button holes, and belt loops).

Despite bartacks are typically enough to inhibit major tears or rips for most people, rivets are arguably a premium feature and part of what set raw denim apart from all other choices. The devil is in the details too, isn’t it?

Stay Raw!

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