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Just Released: 25 oz. Iron Heart Raw Denim

For the longest time in the Japanese denim scene, Samurai Jeans Co. was considered the top-dog with regard to heavyweight materials. They were one of the first companies to begin mass-producing jeans from denim in the range of 17oz. – 21 oz. per square yard. Over the last year, they’ve expanded their collection to include even heavier 24oz. versions of their popular cuts.

Recently, however, they have (quite literally) been one-upped. Iron Heart, long known for its usage of heavyweight materials, has introduced two popular jeans in Super Extra Heavy Denim. That’s what Iron Heart is calling its new 25 oz. denim, and we couldn’t agree more. This stuff is thick enough to withstand just about any abuse you could imagine.

While it’s not the heaviest denim in the world (Naked & Famous has confirmed production of 32oz. jeans. Insane…), its certainly the heaviest from any of the more orthodox companies. Today we’ve featured Iron Heart’s popular slim cut, the IH-666-XHS “Devil’s Fit”, but they are also producing their standard cut in the 25 oz. denim, labeled the 634-XHS.


  • Name: Iron Heart 666-XHS
  • Fit: Slim Fit
  • Weight: 25 Oz.
  • Denim: Iron Heart Original 25 oz. Super Extra Heavy Denim
  • Cotton: 100% Zimbabwe Cotton, Sanforized
  • Selvedge: Red Line
  • Price: $480.00
  • Available: Self Edge
  • Other details:
    • Hidden rivets
    • Super Duper Thick Leather Patch

25 oz. Iron Heart Raw Denim

25 oz. Iron Heart Raw Denim

25 oz. Iron Heart Raw Denim

25 oz. Iron Heart Raw Denim

Stay Raw!

– Sean
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