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Fade Friday – The Flat Head 6002W (2 Years, 9 Washes)

At Heddels, we’re all about the sharing the raw stuff. Our exclusive Fade Friday series has allowed us to share lots of beautifully faded jeans with the online denim community.

But that’s just it! So far we’ve only featured jeans! Therefore, this week’s Fade Friday will focus on the “other half” of raw denim, specifically the half from the waist up.

This week we have a denim jacket, specifically The Flat Head’s 6002W model. Worn over 2 years by the same gentleman who owns the Eternal 811’s we featured previously, the jacket received a total of 9 washes.

We present the photos in the same order as the original website had its updates: the new and unworn jacket; after the first day; after 9 months of wear; and after 2 years of wear. (We apologise for the small photos…they’re the best we could get!) Notable features are the super contrasted elbow combs, and the vertical falling so characteristic of The Flat Head’s denim.


  • Name: The Flat Head 6002W Jacket
  • Weight: 14.5 Oz.
  • Model: Based on Levi’s Type II Jacket
  • Denim: 100% Organic Cotton Japanese Selvedge Denim
  • Length of Wear: 2 Years
  • Number of Washes: 9
New Jacket – No Washes
Flat Head 6002W Front

Brand New FH 6002W (Front)

Flat Head 6002W Back

Brand New FH 6002W (Back)

Flat Head 6002W Chest Pocket

Unworn Chest Pocket

Flat Head 6002W Selvedge

Mmm…New selvedge


After 1 Day Of Wear – 2 Washes (For Initial Shrinking)

Flat Head 6002W After 1 Day

After the First Day of Wear

Flat Head 6002W Chest Pocket with Zippo

Chest Pocket With Zippo

Flat Head 6002W Elbow Combs

Elbow Combs

Flat Head 6002W Patch (Before)

Leather Patch (Before)


After 9 Months Of Wear – 5 Washes

Flat Head 6002W 9 Months (Front)

After 9 Months of Wear

Flat Head 6002W 9 Months (Back)

The Back – 9 Months In

Flat Head 6002W - 9 Months In

Details After 9 Months


After 2 Years of Wear – 9 Washes

The Flat Head 6002W – 2 Years Later

Flat Head 6002W Final Back

Beautiful Vertical Falling

FH6002W Detail Collage

Details After 2 Years

Stay Raw!

– Sean
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