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3×1 – Bespoke Raw Denim, New York Style

The perfect pair of jeans. That one article of clothing that always seems to elude our closets. The search for that perfect pairs is what introduced many denim enthusiasts to the awesomeness of raw denim.

Now, however, you can get exactly that. 3×1 is a denim label based in NYC that offers bespoke jeans. With experience at fashion houses like Earnest Sewn, the guys behind the shop certainly know their stuff. They also offer a selection of denim material from multiple mills in Japan, as well as Cone Mills in North Carolina.

The bespoke service comes with a price, though. For a wallet-melting $1,200 (that’s just for starters!), the experienced tailors at 3×1 can make you a pair of jeans that are perfectly custom-fitted to your body. Quite literally the perfect pair of jeans for you.

If that’s a bit beyond your price-range don’t worry it’s above ours too… 3×1 also offers a selection of jeans in regulated fits for a much more reasonable price. They also make a couple raw selvedge cuts for women. Check ’em out.

Note: Have you had any experience with 3×1‘s denim? If so, let us know in our forum!

Photos – (Sourced from 3×1.us)

3x1 Raw Denim - M1.24.91 Front

3x1 Raw Denim - M1.24.91 Side

3x1 Raw Denim - M1.24.91 Back

3x1 Raw Denim - M1.24.91 Selvedge

3x1 Raw Denim - M1.24.91 Detail

3x1 - Raw Denim, New York Style

3x1 Raw Denim - M1.1.21 Side

3x1 Raw Denim - M1.1.21 Back

3x1 Raw Denim - M4.2.60 Front

3x1 Raw Denim - M4.2.60 Side

3x1 Raw Denim - M4.2.60 Back

3x1 Raw Denim - Women's 3.12.6

3x1 Raw Denim - Women's 3.12.6 Back

Stay Raw!

– Sean
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