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Fade Friday – Samurai S0500XX (8 Months, Few Soaks, 1 Wash)

This week we’re featuring our second pair of Samurai jeans so far to make it into a Fade Friday.  The first Samurais we had were 710XX‘s that were three years in.  This time around we’re showcasing a pair of S0500XX’s from Repeat2Fade’s blog. This pair isn’t as far in, at about 8 months of effective time, but it has some great progress on it.

These went through a couple of earlier soaks, but eventually Repeat2Fade felt the need to go for a full wash.  He was pleasantly surprised by how well they held their dye even through the wash, attributing it to the high quality denim Samurai uses in its jeans.

There’s some awesome wear on the back right pocket where the snap from a wallet has worn through completely and has had to be repaired several times.

Repeat2Fade also grabbed some pics comparing them to a pair of APC’s with similar effective time, giving us a great side-by-side comparison.


  • Name: Samurai Jeans S0500XX
  • Weight: 15.6 oz.
  • Denim: Japanese selvage made from Texas Cotton
  • Fit: Mid Rise, Tapered Leg
  • Other details:
    • The denim is known for being very slubby
    • Leather patch features two samurai crossing swords

Photos – BEFORE (Photos Courtesy of BlueInGreen)

S0500XX Patch Before

S0500XX Patch Before

S0500X Before Wear

S0500X Before Wear

Photos – AFTER (Photos Courtesy of Repeat2Fade)

S0500XX 8 Months Front

S0500XX 8 Months Side

S0500XX 8 Months Back

S0500XX 8 Months Patch

S0500XX 8 Months Seat

S0500XX 8 Months Pocket Close

S0500XX 8 Months vs. APC's 8 Months

Stay raw!

– Ben
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