Levi’s x Nike 511 Skateboarding Jeans – Just Released

Having recently covered some history of the Levi’s 501 jean, followed by an excellent example of 501 fades, we wanted to showcase their newest product.

Just last week, Levi’s and Nike released a collaborative effort at creating the perfect jean for skateboarding. Inspired by the success of Levi’s 511 Commuter model, which was created for cyclists, the Levi’s x Nike 511 Skateboarding jeans are at the crossroads of modern technology and old-school aesthetic.

Produced in the tried & true 511 slim silhouette, the Cone Mills denim has been infused with some stretch and Nike’s Dri-Fit moisture-wicking technology, which is the same stuff that keeps pro athletes comfortable and dry.

For the limited edition Made In The USA Team model, Cone Mills added a heavy dose of Vectran (essentially the carbon-fibre of textiles; used to reinforce ropes, sailcloth and even bicycle tires) to help the jeans stretch more and last even longer. (Editor’s Note – Funny enough, Vectran is produced by Kuraray Co., Ltd, which is based out of Kurashiki, the denim mecca of Japandoes that still mean they’re Made In The USA?)

The 511 Skateboarding model is available in a rigid (raw) wash as well as pre-distressed varieties. As part of the Levi’s x Nike collab, the collection also includes a Trucker Jacket, an LxN Omar Salazar LR Signature Shoe, and a LxN SB Dunk Low Pro.



  • Name: Levi’s x Nike 511 Skateboarding Team Model
  • Weight: 12 Oz.
  • Fit:  511 (Slim)
  • Denim: Sanforized, Cotton/Vectran blend (Team Model only) from Cone Mills
  • Price: $98 (Standard), $198 (Team Model)
  • Other
    • Nike Dri-Fit Moisture Wicking Technology
    • Special collaborative branding








Stay Raw!

– Sean
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