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Kapital Century Jeans – Just Released

The folks at Kapital are always trying new things with their products, as one of the leaders of the Japanese denim industry. They’re one of a few companies who manufacture their own denim and craft their own jeans.

Their long-standing history with jeans has led them to create a unique denim as their homage to more than a century of jeans; the aptly-named Kapital Century jeans.

With their most recent release, Kapital has combined Japanese aesthetics and techniques with traditional American blue jeans by creating a hybrid denim. For instance, the brown color is created by kakishibu, the traditional process of dyeing with fermented persimmon. The indigo warp threads are a 12 oz. sashiko thread which is woven in to add strength.

These same techniques of kakishibu, traditional indigo dyeing, and sashiko were used during the Edo period to reinforce clothing. At the same time in the American West, jean-makers were adding rivets to jeans to strengthen them. The Kapital Century jeans are a result of these two histories combining to create a truly multicultural garment.

Released just yesterday, there will be two versions of the Century: the 5-S which is a Persimmon tannin brown (Kakishibu). The 7-S is a charcoal grey (created with a Japanese Sumi dye). Both versions feature the indigo-dyed sashiko threads.

As as added bonus, Kapital offers an additional coating of kakishibu which can be done by yourself. This will darken the 5-S and add a charming brown to 7-S. The extra kakishibu coating will also help protect the threads, similar to an “overdyed” denim.

 More on the concept of these jeans here.


  • Name: Kapital Century Jeans
  • Weight: 12. oz
  • Fit: Multiple (TH, Cisco, Stone, Sarueru)
  • Denim: 100% Cotton Kakishibu and Indigo Sashiko Denim
  • Available at: Century Denim International Web Store

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