We Want Your Help! – Ultimate Tips & Tricks

Heads up everybody! As I’m sure you all know by now, our mission here at Heddels is to create the most user-friendly and comprehensive resource for raw denim. Easier said than done.

Raw denim is such a personal thing. Everyone does things a little differently, and that’s what makes it so great. But it can be a challenge to provide accurate and helpful information when you only have a few different perspectives…

That’s why we want to create a great list of tips & tricks for all sorts of people, whether you’re new to raw denim or have been wearing it since Levi’s was founded. But we want your help!

We’re compiling as long a list of tips & tricks from not just our own team, but from everyone! We’ve started a thread in our forum called Heddels’s Ultimate Tips & Tricks Submission. So visit the thread and post your favourite tips & tricks you’d like to share with everyone. Once we’ve collected an awesome list, we’ll compile the best tips of the thread into an ultimate must-read list for everyone to peruse.