Fade Friday – Pure Blue Japan XX-007 (1 Year, 0 Washes)

P.B.J. Any denim-head worth his (or her!) salt knows that those three letters hold much more significance than a childhood favourite food. Within the major Japanese denim labels, Pure Blue Japan has made a name for themselves as a brand able to walk the fine line between innovation and tradition.

While PBJ denim is known to be one of the more stubborn varieties (similar to Eternal), in our experience they consistently produce rock-solid jeans that fade beautifully. Frankly, we have yet to see a pair of PBJ jeans that disappoint.

While this is the second time we’ve dedicated a Fade Friday to a pair of Pure Blue Japan’s XX-007 model (the first having been almost a year ago), this pair is quite different from the first.

After a year of regular wear, bd604’s jeans have less overall contrast and more of a natural, wabi-sabi feel to them, owing largely to the extensive slubbiness of the XX-007 denim and the deep indigo-dyed warp and weft threads.


  • Name: Pure Blue Japan XX-007
  • Weight: 14 Oz.
  • Fit: Slim-straight fit
  • Denim: Unsanforized, 100% Japanese Cotton, Deep Indigo-Dyed Selvedge Raw Denim
  • Length of Wear: 1 Year
  • Number of washes: None (1 Initial Soak)
  • Other Details:
    • Deep Indigo-Dyed Warp and Weft Threads
    • PBJ Original slubby-texture denim

Photos – Before



“Before” photos courtesy of BlueInGreen


“Before” photos courtesy of BlueInGreen


“Before” photos courtesy of BlueInGreen


“Before” photos courtesy of BlueInGreen