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Baretta Jeans – A Denim Social Club And Haven

It’s easy to buy raw denim online today – it’s become increasingly simple to measure your favorite pair and order based off of what you see on brands or store’s internet representations. There is so much information and varied opinions readily available to compare brands and fits, and discover what you’re getting before you buy.

To some though, there’s a sadness that this availability of information has taken away from the opportunity to interact face to face with real living people during the process of buying a new pair of jeans.

In the city of The Hague, Holland, there is a small group of guys who want to keep things running the old fashioned way. Having worked for 15 years in one of the oldest denim shops in the south of the country, they got together and took the reins of the store – a new denim haven named Baretta Jeans.

The history of this shop goes back almost 45 years spanning two generations, father and son, both thoroughly dedicated to the retail of jeans. Bart van Hylckama, one of the three minds behind the shop, describes it this way:

We want that our costumers feel more than welcome, we are here to dissipate all their doubts about dry denim and we enjoy doing it.

It’s common practice to be offered a beer when you walk in to the shop, so the sensation of being in a denim party is there for all to feel. “This it is more a social denim club than a store”, says van Hylckama.

And it’s true, here friends of the house are always around and laughs and denim chats are normal; you just have to grab your beer and try your favorite denim brand. This is the reason why their regular customers (and those who become regulars) always come back – this is their local denim shop and they support it.

The Crew - Baretta Jeans

Blue Blood, Atelier Ladurance, G-Star Raw and the whole dry line of Nudie, are just a few of the many brands to be found in Baretta. Every brand has their own public and staff fan. All together, van Hylckama and his crew have experimented with many of the dry models that they sell, with so many different results. They turn over their own denim devotion and enthusiasm to the customers; who can see, feel and listen to the real live denim experience.

Baretta Jeans

Denim Galore - Baretta Jeans

Atelier LaDurance - Baretta Jeans

Nudies and Then Some - Baretta Jeans

Baretta Jeans

Jackets at Baretta Jeans

Denim Totes at Beretta Jeans

The Rides at Beretta Jeans

Several weeks ago as well, Baretta held a successful event sponsored by Deus Ex Machina called “Tattoo Thursday”; inking all for free while buying a new pair of jeans. Denim, bikes, tattoos and beer were here to be seen and enjoyed, a great denim event in a great place.

Tattoo meets Beretta Jeans

Baretta is a store to watch, as their unique approach will place them in good stead for those who are interested in keeping their denim shopping old fashioned.

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