Denim Therapy’s Repair Services – Complete Review

A few months ago, we contacted our friends at Denim Therapy about having a pair of jeans repaired. After 2 years of regular wear, the jeans were in need of some TLC and required repairs to the crotch, fly and left knee.

With this in mind, we followed the procedures on Denim Therapy‘s website and had them repaired. For those unsure of what to expect, the results we’ve seen were overwhelmingly positive and worthwhile of recounting.

After submitting an order on their website, we received an e-mail with an order number and a page to print off. Using the pictures in their diagram, we designated the areas to be repaired, then mailed off the jeans and sheet to be repaired.

Once Denim Therapy received the jeans, they sent us an e-mail with an invoice for how much all the repairs would cost.

Denim Therapy Review - Invoice

Having accepted all the repairs, all we had to do was wait for the jeans to arrive again. And when they did, were we ever surprised.

Using their proprietary method of darning, Denim Therapy managed to more-or-less recreate the denim and fill in the hole in the crotch, and effectively reinforce the points that were wearing thin.


Denim Therapy Review - Early Crotch Hole

Beginnings of the crotch hole, which was much worse upon mailing off

Denim Therapy Review - Early Crotch Hole 2

This turned into a three inch hole within a couple months

Denim Therapy Review - Torn Button Hole

Shredded button holes in need of repair.


Denim Therapy Review - Eternal 883 After

The revived Eternal 883! Can you spot the repairs?

Denim Therapy Review - Repaired Crotch

Denim Therapy did a great job matching colours and textures.

Denim Therapy Review - Crotch Reinforced Inside

Denim Therapy uses a gauze-like material to reinforce the inside of their repairs.

We’re not entirely sure how they do it, but they are able to properly match colours and patterns with surrounding denim so the repairs are hardly visible.

Some of the above photos make the repairs more noticeable because of the studio lighting used, but when worn the jeans look fantastic and the repairs don’t feel stiff or uncomfortable.

All told, we were thoroughly impressed by Denim Therapy‘s work and would recommend them to anyone with jeans in dire need of repair. It’s a great alternative if you’re not a fan of patches and don’t feel comfortable tackling the repairs on your own.

Its not the quickest way to get a repair done, and they are a bit pricier than your local tailor, but we feel their repairs are worth every penny. Check out our guide on how to make your jeans last longer, but when that blowout gets unmanageable and beyond your sewing skills we suggest you turn to Denim Therapy to give your denim new life.