Tender Co. Type 130 “Unborn” Raw Denim Jeans

Tender Co. is a one-man brand based in England with a focus in antique workwear and machinery from the Great British Steam Age. William Kroll, the man behind the brand, took the name from the truck in a steam train which carried the coal and water to power the locomotive.

Tender produces a wide range of handmade garments, while maintaining the purity of an old fashion atelier. One of their flagship pieces is the “Unborn” Type 130, a pair of jeans with so many features that we did’t know where to start with our review.

The Unborn is made in England, using a 16 Oz. unsanforized japanese selvedge denim made it from unbleached American cotton and dipped 25 times in synthetic indigo. The denim is actually a shrink to fit to 17 Oz., meaning that the initial 16 Oz. ends up weighing 17 Oz. after the initial wash.

Among the numerous features, the Type 130 has a deep “V” yoke that adds room in the seat for an ergonomic fit, as well as triple stitching on seams for longer wear. The reverse top-stitched inseam and double-stitched yoke prevent blowouts in the crotch and seat.

Pockets are angled for an ease of entry and reinforced with hidden selvedge strip for durability; an added bonus to this is that the pocket mouth will soften and curve with use. The jeans also feature a “snob’s thumb” coin pocket with selvedge calico plus 6 lined belt loops.

These are just a few of the many details around this awesome pair of jeans which truly resemble the 50’s british workwear. They might not be everyones cup of tea, but would appeal to all of those “chaps” looking for a pure British vintage look.


  • Name: Tender Co. Type 130 “Unborn”
  • Weight: 16 Oz. (17 Oz. post-wash)
  • Fit: Tapered leg
  • Denim: Unsanforized, Japanese blue-line selvedge denim
  • Price: $365.00
  • Available from: Hickoree’s
  • Other Details:
    • Double folded hems for maximum “rope” fading
    • Kick-pressed “Universal” copper dome rivets
    • Care label attached to yoke at back, remove if desired
    • Self-fabric selvedge denim front pocket bags
    • Solid cast brass removable button 
    • Made in England


Fit - Tender Co. Type 130

Fit – Tender Co. Type 130 “Unborn” Raw Denim Jeans

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