An Introduction To Nezumi Denim & Co.

One of the many reasons why so many people are drawn to raw denim is the experience of taking a blank slate and creating a pair of jeans that is unique to each wearer. This idea of putting your personality into an article of clothing is what drives us to buy our first or even 20th pair of raw denim and for some, it’s what sparks the inspiration for creating a whole new brand.

buttons resized

Nezumi Denim brass buttons

David Campo Cárdenes, the founder of the Swedish brand Nezumi Denim, first got the idea for the brand in 2002 but it wasn’t until 2011 before he able to properly execute his vision. Nezumi Denim gets its name comes from a Robin Hood-like Japanese folk hero and reflects Cárdenes‘ love of raw denim using quality fabrics and materials.

He began with a limited run of jeans made in collaboration with a small family owned factory in Sweden, and due to the success of that initial run, he has now expanded Nezumi Denim to a whole line of jeans, jackets, coats, and leather accessories.

DALE front

Nezumi DenimDale” Tapered Jean front

Nezumi Denim

Nezumi DenimDale” Tapered Jean back

Wanting to go further back in time with his materials, Cárdenes opts to use a 13.5 Oz. White Oak Cone Mills blue-lined selvedge denim rather than Japanese denim; and sources his vegetable tanned leather from Tärnsjö Tannery which has been producing leather in Sweden since 1873.


Leather patch and back pocket details

Nezumi Denim’s line includes a tapered and a straight jean and features copper rivets, brass buttons (for entire Fall/Winter 2013), lined pockets, and a double waistband. Those seeking a little more detail may also appreciate the bolder back pocket arcuates that is reminiscent of cult Japanese brands such as Flat HeadStudio d’Artisan and Oni.

The coat and jacket are also made of selvedge denim and feature a number of the same details as the jeans. The look and feel of line seems to draw its inspiration more from motorcycle culture and vintage styles rather than the more refined “menswear” style that has been steadily becoming more prominent.

JOE front

Nezumi DenimJoe” Jacket

WADE front

Nezumi DenimWade” Coat

Currently, the number of stockists is limited but Cárdenes plans on expanding to more markets so it may be just a matter of time before we see Nezumi Denim in stores outside of Sweden. Their site is under construction but more information, pictures, and updates can be found on their Facebook page.