Fade Friday – Levi’s LVC 1947 501xx (9 Months, No Washes)

This pair of Levi’s LVC 1947 501xx, shared through Denim Debate, shows amazing fades for 9 months of wear. While we might not be able to get updated photos, this photo highlights the fades created from classic Levi’s straight leg fit. The best part of this style is the great looking stacks and the excellent honeycombs.

Levi’s Vintage Collection (or LVC) is a reissued denim line from Levi’s, who’s goal is to capture the essence of American work wear. The LVC 1947’s were created during the post-WWII era, when the demand was high for a slimmer jean. This pair contains the trademark red tab with its capital “E,” and eventually became the jean of choice for the emerging middle class.

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  • Name: Levi’s LVC 1947 501xx
  • Weight: 14 Oz.
  • Fit: Classic fit with straight leg
  • Length of Wear: 9 months
  • Washes: None
  • Other Details:
    • 100% cotton
    • Shrink to fit selvage denim from Cone Mills Oak Plant
    • Inseam: 34”
  • Available at: Indigo And Cotton for $250.00

Photos – Before

Before - Levi’s LVC 1947 501xx

Photos – After

Front and Back Fit - Levi’s LVC 1947 501xx

Front and Back Flat - Levi’s LVC 1947 501xx

Whiskers, Knee - Levi’s LVC 1947 501xx