5 Pairs Of Sneakers To Be Worn With Denim

When it comes to choosing footwear to wear with your favorite pair of denim, there’s nothing quite like finding a perfect combination that makes you feel invincible. To help you find those perfect sneakers, we’ve put together a list of five of our favorite pairs of sneakers to wear with our denim.

1. New Balance 996

New Balance 996 being worn with a pair of Red-line Selvedge jeans

New Balance 996 being worn with a pair of Red-line Selvedge jeans (source: selvedgelove.tumblr.com)


To be fair, any pair of footwear from the New Balance Classics range will look kick-ass when coupled with a pair of raw denim. However, if I had to pick one, the New Balance 996 would definitely be it.

The New Balance 996 is easily one of the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear (it is essentially a running/walking shoe with a pretty face) and the fact that is exclusively made in the USA, has a wicked suede/mesh upper (that comes in a variety of colors) and awesome retro styling that is secretly chock full of technology makes it my top pick.

2. Nike Roshe Run

Nike Roshe Run worn with cuffed Red-line Selvedge jeans (source: joed1rt.tumblr.com)

Despite being a relatively new shoe on the sneaker scene, the Nike Roshe Run has already proven extremely popular. The Nike Roshe Run is similar to the New Balance Classics range in the essence that it is an extremely stylish take on the classic running shoe, however that’s where the similarities stop.

In stark contrast to the New Balance Classics range, the Nike Roshe Run “epitomizes simplicity”. No unnecessary detail is left on the shoe and the result – a sneaker with beautiful sweeping horizontal lines – looks awesome when worn with a pair of cuffed selvedge.

3. Converse Chuck Taylor

Reigning Champ x Converse Chuck Taylor Sneaker

Reigning Champ x Converse Chuck Taylor Sneaker (source: freemanbrand.com)

The Converse Chuck Taylor  shoe can be worn with pretty much anything. With proud American history dating back to 1917, it’s no doubt that it will be the most recognizable on this list. Another great aspect of the Converse Chuck Taylor is the relatively affordable price (saving money on shoes means more to spend on denim).

 4. Vans Authentic/Classic Era

Vans Authentic

Vans Authentic (source: oki-ni.com)

These two pairs of shoes are some of the most iconic American sneakers of all time –  a staple in every sneaker loving man and women’s wardrobe. Barely distinguishable – the Classic Era shoe has padding around the heel cup – both of these pairs of sneakers give off an awesome summer-beach style vibe when worn sock-less with rolled up jeans.

Perfect for a summer BBQ or road-trip. And, to the satisfaction of the most fashion forward denim wearers out there, the Vans Authentic and Vans Classic Era shoes come in a huge array of different colors and materials, allowing for smooth selvedge line/sneaker color co-ordination.

5. Our Legacy Off Court

The Our Legacy Off Court Trainer

The Our Legacy Off Court Trainer (source: Our Legacy)

The Off Court trainer from European brand, Our Legacy is made from full Italian Leather. The brand takes inspiration from ” 1950s expressionists authors and artists” and that is evident in the styling of the Off Court shoe resembling a retro tennis trainer. Just like raw denim, the materials that this shoe is constructed out of will age with wear and produce an awesome piece of footwear that  will no doubt become your denims best friend.

We would love to hear what sneakers you love to pair with your raw denim. Let us know in the comment section below!