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The History Of And Story Behind Momotaro Jeans

Momotaro Jeans, taking its name from Japanese folklore, began in 2005 and since then has continued to produce some of the highest quality, long lasting raw denim on the market. Their production facilities occupy the history rich Kojima region of Okayama, Japan, known as the location for high quality textiles in Japan.

In this article we will take a closer look at the history of Momotaro Jeans and look at some of their unique signatures that continue to make the brand a favorite amongst denim enthusiasts. 

Japanese Folklore

The story of Momotaro is one of the five major stories of Japanese folklore. Momotaro, according to Japanese legend, is the name of a small boy born from a giant peach who descends to Earth to be the son of an elderly couple. The boy rejuvenates the old couple, making them feel young again, and encouraging them to follow their dreams.

Momotaro Jeans - Rooted In Japanese Folklore

This story has been passed down for generations and remains a part of Japanese culture today. This is where Momotaro gets its name, as well as where many of the companies roots have sprouted from.

The Story

James Dean

In the 1960’s the youth of Japan began to demand replicas of American blue jeans that they had seen in Hollywood films. Most of the denim came from the Kojima region of Okayama, Japan, but it was not the same quality as American denim, and Japanese consumers demanded better.

It was not until the 1980’s when textile manufacturers began to incorporate ring-spun and rope-dyed denim that Japanese denim was able to equal the quality of American denim. Around this time, Japan Blue Company was created, and under it Momotaro Denim.

The two came into being along with other textile mills and studios dedicated to indigo dying. Since, the Kojima area has become known for producing some of the best denims in the world.


Momotaro Jeans

Momotaro began in 2005 as part of the Japan Blue Company and has focused solely on producing top quality denim ever since. Today, Momotaro still produces the majority of their jeans in the Kojima region of Okayama, Japan.

Momotaro jeans are constructed from 100% Zimbabwean cotton, which is renowned for its quality, durability, unique fading characteristics, and ability to hold indigo dye. The jeans are put together by hand to ensure the expected quality from their denims.

Momotaro today has a variety of labels that cater to many price-points and denim preferences. The labels include the Copper label, Vintage label, and the Battle label. The Copper label includes a rope-dyed denim that is rinsed once in mineral water. The Vintage label features a shrink-to-fit construction and a rougher, slubbier denim.

The Battle label features the heaviest weight, dark indigo denim along with the signature white stripes on the back pocket. There is also the lesser known Gold label, which includes denim woven on hand-operated shuttle looms, that come in at a whopping $2000.


Momotaro Selvedge

Momotaro’s denim has many subtle but unique signatures. These include two white stripes across the back pocket on the Battle label denim, a reference to the brands Japanese roots and a nod to the Samurai of the Edo period.

Additionally they use a unique pink selvedge line and pink thread, designed to mimic the pink of the peach in the Momotaro legend. The leather patch as well as rivets also bear a picture of the boy, Momotaro, being born from the peach – yet another show of Japanese heritage.

Momotaro and the Japan Blue Company are known for their ability to combine old world techniques of dying and producing denim with more modern fits and other details to create a completely unique and highly sought after denim that has only recently been offered for sale outside of Japan.

Momotaro uses the best quality cotton and indigo for their jeans which ensure a durable product that will last many years and will only get better looking with time. Their unique features and dedication to quality manufacturing has cemented Momotaro as one of the premiere denim manufacturers in the world today.

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