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Hartford Denim Company – Guaranteed To Last A Lifetime

Hartford Denim Company - Guaranteed To Last A Lifetime

Hartford Denim Company – Guaranteed To Last A Lifetime

At some point in our lives, we all have found ourselves sitting around with our friends coming up with somewhat lofty ideas for projects and saying things like, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if we…”. For better or for worse, a lot of these ideas never materialize and everyone moves on.

For the founders of Hartford Denim Company, the “what if” conversation started off the same, but resulted in a full-fledged denim company that has grown immensely in the short three years they’ve been around.

Front and Back of the Hartford Denim Company 001 Jean

Front and Back of Hartford Denim Company‘s 001 Jean

Hailing from Connecticut, Hartford Denim Company is focused on doing everything in-house. Their denim is cut, sewn, and also repaired all by their small staff. Every aspect of the jean shows their attention to detail and they’ve made sure there is no shortage of details.

From the multi-colored thread and chainstitching used throughout the jean to the heavy 9 Oz. plaid Cone Mills pocket bags, it’s easy to see that the guys behind company are serious about creating a pair of jeans that will last.

To back up their intention for their customers to wear the jeans for as long as possible, they offer a lifetime guarantee that includes free repairs for the jean at any time.

Selvedge Detail of the Cone Mills and the 9 oz Pocket Bags

Selvedge Detail and Cone Mills 90z Pocket Bags

The first run of jeans uses a 14 Oz. Nihon Menpu denim but going forward, the jeans will feature a 16.5oz Cone Mills denim and will come in a variety of fits including a straight, slim straight, and a taper fit.

To make sure they put their homestate on the radar in the denim community, all the jeans have the creatively done leather patch that is shaped like the state of Connecticut.

They also are in the process of coming out with a custom unsanforized denim from Cone Mills as well as developing a larger product line that will include boots, shirts and jeans for both men and women, as well as a selection of leather goods.

Lifetime Guarantee of the Hartford Denim Company

Lifetime Guarantee

I purchased the 001 model in their 14 oz. Nihon Menpu denim and after wearing them for a couples week, they have quickly become my everyday jean. The 001 fit is a mid-rise tapered fit which works well for those who need a little more room in the thigh but with a smaller leg opening.

The top block is boxier and feels more like a vintage 501 fit. Another interesting detail is that the back pockets are offset and larger than most other brands, plus are actually reinforced using two pieces of denim and exposed copper rivets.

The pocket bags are quite deep and the 9 Oz. fabric is tough at first but soften up after a few wears. The jean is solidly constructed, fits well, and if they’re any indication of what Hartford Denim Company has to offer in the future, we’ll most definitely be hearing more from them.

You can find out more about them and purchase their products on their website. Be sure to look to their Facebook page for updates on their upcoming projects.

The Hartford 001 fit pictures

Fit Pictures of 001 Fit

Hartford Denim Company Jeans

Hartford Denim Company