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Indigo Roosters 2013 – A Collection of Indigo Textiles

An exhibition showcasing a range of indigo textiles, Indigo Roosters was held from March 23 – 31, 2013 as the brainchild of two colleagues and denim enthusiasts – Miles Johnson, Creative Director of LVC and Levi’s Made and Crafted; and Victor Sandberg, Merchandise Manager of LVC.

Both have been acquiring pieces of indigo blue dyed fabrics from around the world for 15 years, and the duo decided to pull the pieces from their trunks for the public to peruse and enjoy. Many of these remarkable garments are dated as far back as the beginning of the 20th century, demonstrating the deep and rich history of indigo dyeing.

Having decided to showcase select items of their collection, they chose the captivating and beautiful Amsterdam-based, Harvest & Company. The shop boasts a beautiful, rustic interior that serves as the perfect environment for the vintage furniture and homeware they specialize in.

Vintage, inidigo denim; traditional indigo wares

According to Johnson, many similarities exist between the pieces on show and the dye techniques available today, as reflected in a multitude of shades of blue. The showcase of different articles is almost peaceful to behold as so many different expressions of textile construction sit elegantly together.

Victor Sandberg, Miles Johnson (right photo, L-R)

Victor Sandberg, Miles Johnson (right photo, L-R)

Johnson has been working for Levi’s for about 13 years and Sandberg for 8 years; throughout which time they’ve developed a strong friendship and  love for indigo. Though the aim of the exhibition was to exhibit the prevalence of indigo, another goal was to demonstrate just how much fun they had hunting and shopping for all these unique indigo pieces.

Indigo Roosters 2013 - A Collection of Indigo Textiles

The opening night of their collective project brought together many luminaries from the Dutch world of denim, blogs, stores and brands; as they all united as “indigo heads”.

Menno van Meurs (Tenue de Nimes, Johan Honig (Denim collector), Dong Thanh (Splendid Store), Annouk Boszhard, Lennart Heeremans( DC4 blog)

Left photo – Menno van Meurs (Tenue de Nimes), Johan Honig (Denim collector); Right photo – Dong Thanh (Splendid Store), Annouk Boszhard, Tim Molendijk, Lennart Heeremans (DC4 Berlin)

Indigo Roosters 2013 - A Collection of Indigo Textiles

Roxanne Thomas (LVC), Lennaert Nijgh (BDD)

Roxanne Thomas of LVC (left), Lennaert Nijgh of BDD (right)

Left - Johan Honig(Denim collector)Bart Abeling(Vielgut store) Right - Cammy Tran, Annouk Boszhard

Left photo – Johan Honig(Denim collector), Bart Abeling (Vielgut store); Right photo – Cammy Mai Tran (Textile artist), Annouk Boszhard