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Iron Heart Mega Beatle Buster Limited Edition 25 Oz. (IHxBxHCx25oz)

It started as just a bit of wishful thinking, but with the thoughts of the first Heavyweight Denim Championship fresh in my mind, all I knew was that I wanted to make Round 2 bigger, better, and really raise the bar. What better way to achieve this than have a competition-specific jean made; and who better to make it than the masters of heavyweight denim, Iron Heart.

The first conversation had concerning (what would become affectionately known as) the Mega Beatle Buster jean was at the launch party of Rivet and Hide in October, last year. After plying Giles Padmore of Iron Heart with copious amounts of free booze I chanced my luck.

Me – “So, for the HWDC round 2, I was thinking that maybe we could have a competition specific jean…made by Iron Heart”

GP – “What did you have in mind?”

Me – “Something heavy?”

GP – “25 Oz. heavy enough?”

Me – “Perfect”

GP – “We haven’t done a Buster in 25 Oz. yet.”

Me – “Even more perfect”

The rest of the details were discussed, forgotten, remembered, emailed back and forth, and finally settled upon. We wanted to make it just different enough to be specific for our competitors, but not different enough that we were in danger of altering a classic.

We decided upon a competition specific patch designed by my partner in crime, co-conspiritor in the HWDC2, and the originator of the Beatle Buster jean, the high priestess of denim, Beatle. We also wanted to change the arc colour and make it a little more, well, badass.

The most pleasing part of these jeans for me is that I have honestly not seen one bad fit yet. Every picture of every person wearing the MBB‘s has looked so great that I think that it could be the best fitting denim for multiple body types.

Given how well the silhouette flatters the wearer, the 25 Oz. denim lends itself nicely to the Buster cut. What’s more is that after 30 or so wears, it becomes as soft as an old pair of sweat pants. To speak to concerns about wearing this heavy of denim in hot weather as well, I wore mine in 33C heat and kept my cool.

For anyone who missed the boat with the MBB’s, Iron Heart have also produced the Beatle Buster in 25 Oz. denim, which are pictured here and effectively the same jean without the competition specific patch or back pocket flasher.

Special thanks to Rafa (a.k.a. Iron Heart forum user, Finn666) for the model shots and photography.


  • Name: Iron Heart Mega Beatle Buster Limited Edition 25 Oz. (IHxBxHCx25oz)
  • Weight: 25 Oz. sanforized raw selvedge denim
  • Fit: high rise, slim fitted
  • Other details:
    • Limited edition – only 119 pairs world-wide
    • Button fly and hidden rivets
    • Hidden knife pocket in front left hand pocket
    • Poly-cotton constructional stitching


Fit - Iron Heart Mega Beatle Buster Limited Edition 25 Oz. (IHxBxHCx25oz)




Back Pocket Arcs - IHxBxHCx25oz

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