Samurai Jeans Cap, Western Shirts, Outerwear Jackets – Just Released

With more and more people becoming accustomed to high levels of construction and details when it comes to jeans, the eye for these same details naturally starts to turn towards the other parts of the outfit. Without a ton of options with the same high level of craftsmanship, it’s exciting that Samurai has just released a large collection of shirts, jackets, and other accessories.

Rope Dyed Henley and T-Shirt

Indigo Rope Dyed Henley and Heavyweight T-shirt

Starting with their basics, Samurai‘s t-shirts are made from a heavyweight tube knit fabric with triple stitching on the collar. The shirting collection also includes an indigo rope dyed henley that has some interesting details like heavy gauge stitching and mother of pearl buttons. Interestingly enough, Samurai also included several styles of ankle length socks and a tatami leather soled sandal in their assortment of basics.

Sandals and Socks

Tatami Sandal and Ankle Length Socks.

Samurai‘s other offerings feature different uses of their iconic denim. Two styles of 10 oz. selvedge western shirts with Kimono fabric trims and selvedge details make it onto the final table; one with an arched designs on the yokes and yellow stitching as well as another with a more conservative angled design on the yoke with orange stitching. Note that both shirts are once washed so shrinking will be minimal.

Western Shirt with Kimono Details

Samurai Western Shirt with Kimono details.

With their new jackets, Samurai strays away from their usual denim jacket styles and instead offer a denim flight jacket as well as a mountain parka that both use a 10 oz. waterproofed denim and a heavyweight selvedge chino inner lining. The flight jacket features a wool blend ribbing at the collar, cuffs, and waist plus indigo dyed leather trims.

The parka features plenty of pockets including a backside pocket as well as an adjustable drawstring. It’ll be interesting to see how these jackets will look as people wear them over time since there is a limited sample size of non-trucker or western styled denim jackets.

Flight Jacket

Flight Jacket

Mountain Parka

Mountain Parka

As expected from Samurai, the collection has plenty of denim options (there are even two 15 oz. denim hats) to add to the closet so head on over to Blue in Green’s site and blog to find more information, pictures and prices.

Denim Caps

15 oz. Denim Hats