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EVISU Hong Kong Concept Store Launch

Out of all the Japanese brands arising in 1980s Osaka, EVISU is without a doubt the one that has experienced the most dynamic growth. From its origins as a vintage-inspired brand that founder Hidehiko Yamane started to re-construct the golden age of American jeans, EVISU gradually grew and transformed over time to become a world-famous brand best known for their eye-catching street style.


But their newest flagship store EVISU Hong Kong, located in the epicenter of the shopping metropolis, brings the various aspects of the brand’s identity together, under one roof. Their forward-thinking streetwear edge is most conspicuous, but the new store also offers a uniquely interactive experience with regards to EVISU‘s denim.


For the first time, they’ve presented the option for consumers to experience a custom-order experience, in which a visitor can choose from denim, fits, and details to create a truly unique pair of jeans. Considering EVISU‘s style – which is far more adventurous than many Japanese repro brands – this opens the door to considerable create potential.


Unlike many Japanese repro brands, which sometimes appear almost embarrassed of their Japanese identity, they’ve merged a distinctly Japanese aesthetic into their fall/winter collection, balanced against the works of Insa, an English street artist, and designer Alex Noble.


The fifth floor even houses an exclusive cocktail bar that takes their distinct approach beyond the realm of fashion and into the real world.


Whether or not EVISU‘s bold style appeals to the western raw denim enthusiast or prefer a more conservative approach to fashion, there’s no doubt that the influential brand’s flagship store is a must-visit location for denim heads living in or visiting Hong Kong.

Source: SuperFuture