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I Love Ugly Selvedge Denim – Review

Since the release of their first pair of raw selvedge denim, i love ugly have returned to the drawing board and sourced a new denim supplier and production facility; culminating in the release of a new pair of jeans that are literally bursting at the seams with new features (just take a look at the length of that “details” list). Eager to get the opinion of the denim community, i love ugly sent us a pair to try out and put through the rigorous paces.

In case you missed it, check out our review of i love ugly‘s first selvedge denim

i love ugly 14Oz. raw selvedge denim


  • Name: i love ugly Selvedge Denim
  • Weight: 14 Oz.
  • Fit: Tapered fit
  • Denim: Raw selvedge denim
  • Additional Details:
    • Chalk artwork lining
    • Custom embossed button fly “when nothing goes right go left”
    • Button fly embroidery “stay faithful”
    • Genuine leather patch “i love ugly denim – made to wear”
    • Back pocket loop
    • Coin pocket cut on selvedge
    • Pen pocket on left side
    • Embossed rivets
    • Rainbow colored chain stitched hem
  • Available at: i love ugly for $220.00 NZD ($180.00 USD)

i love ugly 14Oz. raw selvedge denim


Having previously worked with a 12 oz. grey caste selvedge denim from an unknown supplier, i love ugly have decided to up the weight and the mill for the latest iteration in their denim line up. The crisp 14 oz. fabric making up this pair is sourced from the same mill as RRL and Paul Smith Jeans. It also has a slight nep to it, making the texture and hand of this denim far from boring.

Embroidery on i love ugly's 14Oz. raw selvedge denim

The weft threads are dyed a tinted beige colour to give the fabric a darker than standard appearance when woven with a deep indigo warp. These tinted weft threads guarantee interesting fades.


i love ugly 14Oz. raw selvedge denim

Before venturing into the denim scene, i love ugly built their reputation upon producing bottoms with a silhouette inspired by both music and street wear. While this type of silhouette, a roomy thigh tapering down to a tight leg opening, works extremely well with a fabric such as chino cloth, tightly woven no-stretch 14 oz. denim is a whole different story.

Acting as a typical raw denim know-it-all, I disregarded the brand’s warnings and opted for my regular size medium. Note to self: when the product description recommends that you choose one size larger than you normally would, follow their word!

When the jeans arrived, nothing short of cutting and re-sewing the cuffs would get my size 11 feet into them – and believe me I tried everything (garbage bags on my feet didn’t help a cent). Despite this, it wasn’t until my younger brother (who has size 7 feet) tried the jeans on (to no avail), I began to think – who is the size small marketed towards? After a quick swap to a size large, all was fixed and the slimmer fit could actually be enjoyed.


The hardware on i love ugly’s selvedge denim is a step-up from their previous offering. Steel buttons featuring the brand’s favorite quote and rivets with the brand name have both been printed without a fault. These metalwares, along with the real leather patch and the selvedge edge of the coin pocket, sacrifice the clean street wear styling of their previous denim and instead pay homage to the heritage of blue jeans, opening this product up to a whole new market.

i love ugly 14Oz. raw selvedge denim

i love ugly have also deepened the pen pocket featured on the left hand side of their jeans in order to hold a regular pen, one of the most obvious design flaws in their previous denim.


i love ugly 14Oz. raw selvedge denim

Pocket bags with care instructions and triple needle construction

For the production of these jeans, i love ugly sourced a new facility and the difference in quality is evident in the product. The stitch quality and attention to detail taken with this garment need no hyperbole; it is up there with the best that I have ever seen. It is clear that they weren’t satisfied with the construction quality of their previous denim, despite it being not half bad, and have invested in the research and development required in order to produce a product that is competitive with the likes of established denim producers.


With so many emerging players in the raw denim market, it is refreshing to see a brand that not only offers something new but also maintains the focus and tradition that raw denim commands. Raw denim should be a material that is constructed well and will stand the test of time and i love ugly have definitely given it their best shot.

While their previous denim offering was nothing to scoff at, with this new release i love ugly has produced a product capable of impressing a denim head and a streetwear enthusiast simultaneously.

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