Bedwin & The Heartbreakers Fall/Winter 2013 Raw Denim Lineup

While the raw denim community is most familiar with the styles of Amekaji (American Casual), there’s quite a large difference between this style of fashion – which in Japan tends to most appeal to a slightly older group of men in their 30s and 40s – and the more contemporary fashions featured in magazines like Joker and Men’s Non-No, that’s most popular among young men in their 20s.

Bedwin & The Heartbreakers falls squarely into the latter group. A street wear brand with a youthful image, Bedwin brings a fresh, contemporary twist to Japanese denim with their new lineup of three models: the Hollywood, Bud and Charls.

All three models feature the same 14.3 oz sanforized denim with brand-specific details like a white rectangular outline instead of a leather patch.  Bedwin’s jeans offer a blend of contemporary and classic detailing, including crossed back belt loops, that allow the jeans to maintain a classic look while remaining relevant to the streetwear aficionado.



bedwin and the heartbreakers hollywood

The Hollywood is Bedwin’s straight, classic and comfortable fit, with a roomier top block but a slight taper at the hems. These jeans feature a button fly and original rivets and other hardware by Bedwin.


bedwin and the heartbreakers bud

The Bud is Bedwin‘s skinny fit, and may be an appealing choice for those who admire Japanese denim and craftsmanship but don’t like the looser vintage-inspired cuts that dominate Amekaji brands.  The Bud combines the classic five-pocket style of the Hollywood with a slim fit that’s actually not as tight as the description suggests.


bedwin and the heartbreakers charls

The tapered Charls fit lies in between the Hollywood and Bud cuts, designed to create a particularly flattering appearance through the hip and behind.  The Charls fills the role for a fit with a slim appearance, but with plenty of room for men who need more space around the thighs and bottom.