DC4’s Custom Leather Patch Service – A Personalized Touch

In the race to reach total customization of consumer products, we have seen many things customized from motorbikes and cars to sneakers and suits. However, we denim-heads often have the attitude that customization is something we should achieve with our own body over an extended period of time.

Well, if breaking in your own pair of raw denim isn’t personal enough, Berlin, Germany’s DC4 wants to give a new twist to that timeless concept – customized leather patches. Store owner, Daniel Cizmek, has a strong interest in motorcycles and it’s quite safe to hazard a guess that his love for customized motorcycles is the inspiration behind this service.


Templates on display

This customization consists of a variety of templates you can choose from, though you’re also welcome to submit your own designs for a completely unique look. Though we’re not 100% sure of the leather source, the material is heavy grade and high-quality that will age wonderfully.


Customization with your own name

The leather patch can replace the original patch from your new jeans or can be stitched on another part of the pant. Or if you’re more of the DIY type, you can order a patch to fix on to your favourite pair of jeans.


Different motives

While tailored services have has existed for quite some time now, DC4 has arguably broken new ground with the introduction of this new service. Especially given how particular some enthusiasts can be, kicking off your denim journey with a customized patch is in a lot of ways a no-brainer. To learn more about DC4 and the customization process, head over to their website for a deeper look.