Tellason Boa-Fleece-Lined Jean Jacket – Just Released

The chill of fall and winter is starting to rear its head across the Northern Hemisphere, and while we could spend time bemoaning the passing of summer, we’ll instead take it as an opportunity to break out our cold weather gear and create some stylish layers. Of course, there’s always sweaters and that go-to wool coat, but is there anything with denim that can get you through the winter?

There is indeed: the Boa-Fleece-Lined Jean Jacket from Tellason. Adding this to your arsenal will give you a great option for when the mercury dips into the lower digits. Made from their exclusive 12.5 ounce Cone Mills White Oak selvedge and lined with boa-fleece, the jacket looks heavy-duty enough to take the edge of off the chill and comfortable enough to make it a cozy experience.

As with all of their garments, the jacket was designed, cut and sewn in San Francisco, CA. Sticking to their no-frills attitude, the jacket is, according to co-founder, Pete Searson, “nothing fancy, just an old school jacket made in our SF factory, like the rest of our stuff.”

There’s no reinventing the wheel here: they’ve taken their classic jean jacket and beefed it up with the fleece. Anyone familiar with brand will know that they take their construction seriously and pride themselves on creating pieces that will stand the test of time (and take a good beating to boot).

Tellason Boa-Fleece-Lined Jean Jacket

There aren’t a lot of options out there for someone looking to add a raw-denim piece to their winter wardrobe, but Tellason has offered a solid one up here.


    • Name: Tellason Jean Jacket with Boa-Fleece Lining
    • Weight: 12.5 Oz.
    • Denim: Brand-exclusive Cone Mills White Oak Selvedge
    • Other Details:
      • Boa-Fleece Lining
      • Copper donut-buttons
      • Selvedge line interior
    • Available at: Tellason for $315.00 USD