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Rogue Territory “Keep The Trade Alive” Hand-Dyed Indigo Posters

Continuing our coverage on how brands are using indigo dye in materials and fabrics other than denim, we turn our attention to Rogue Territory and their latest project, a very limited run of hand-dyed indigo posters.

As many of us have discovered when wearing anything that is indigo-dyed like denim, indigo is unique in that it comes off fabrics over time and as a result, leaves behind unique wear patterns. It’s the secret sauce that makes denim, especially raw denim, so popular.

After seeing a particularly well done indigo-dyed wrapping paper, Karl and Leslie of Rogue Territory, as well as designer and artist, Ben Deter, decided to join together and experiment with indigo dye and Japanese kuzu paper and the results are pretty great.

The design features Rogue Territory‘s mountain graphic and their slogan “Keep The Trade Alive”. To get the graphics and words to come out on the kuzu paper, they are first put onto the paper using soy wax prior to dyeing so that it creates a barrier between the dye and paper.

After dyeing, the wax is melted off and the words and mountains are revealed in the kuzu paper’s natural off white color. The paper itself can be described as having a slubby texture that feels rough to the touch and it’s these inconsistencies in the paper that come out and add character after it is dyed.

Rogue Territory Indigo Posters

What’s amazing about the indigo dyeing process is seeing how the color changes from start to finish. When the fabric first comes out of the indigo dye, it starts off as a green-yellow color. As it oxidizes, it becomes darker until it reaches the indigo blue that we’re familiar with. Since the run is so limited (only 10 will be sold), each poster is hand-dyed a different amount of times and hand finished with a brush to give each one a different look.


The posters are being sold on Rogue Territory‘s webstore and will not be restocked so definitely head on over and get them while you still can.

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