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Fade Friday – Naked & Famous WeirdGuy (16 Months, Unknown Washes)

Rawr forum user FickleDickory, who goes by the name Will in real life, picked up today’s Fade Friday pair of Naked & Famous WeirdGuy Highs at a Gilt sale in June of 2012. This limited run jean – limited to a run of 200, with some overstock to Gilt – fits like standard WeirdGuy with a higher rise, as the name implies. The denim has overlocked seams on the outseam and may or may not be selvedge made without end pieces as details are sketchy.

Either way, this pair of high nep WeirdGuy has faded beautifully over 16 months; particularly in the whiskers, thigh and seat area which feature an awesome tone. Will said in an email that these jeans have seen a lot – over 50 miles of hikes in the mountains surrounding Asheville, NC, a car accident (the jeans were fine) and a summer spent as a sports photographer.

Will has said this pair are due for some repairs soon. Lets hope he fixes them up and keeps them going.

For more information, view the original forum thread.


  • Name: Naked & Famous Weird Guy High
  • Weight: 13 Oz.
  • Fit: Tapered
  • Denim: Limited run high nep selvedge Japanese denim
  • Length of wear: 16 months
  • Number of washes: Unknown

Photos – Before


Photos – After