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Railcar Fine Goods Deuce X012 Denim Jacket – Just Released

Railcar Fine Goods has been pretty busy over the last year and as a result they have gained a strong reputation of creating well made jeans all made in-house in their workshop in Arcadia, CA. With their profile growing around the world, people have begun clamouring for more styles of jeans as well as other types of garments. With this increasing demand it’s only natural that the brand has begun moving into the realm of jean jackets to meet the requests for a Railcar jacket.

Railcar Fine Goods Deuce X012

Enter the Railcar Fine Goods Deuce X012. Named the “Deuce” as a nod to the Type II jacket, it is a solid offering that shows the brand’s attention to detail, skill level in creating carefully constructed clothes, and eye for combining modern details with classic designs. When designing the jacket they held two focuses: creating a durable jacket that is versatile and to use only American made materials. With that in mind, they chose a 14.75 oz red-lined selvedge denim from Cone Mills. It is a good weight that works well in different climates and temperatures, plus they’ve utilized triple chain stitching throughout the jacket to give it extra durability.

Triple Chain stitch throughout the jacket

Some of the more subtle but impressive details in the construction are the fact that there are no exposed seams anywhere on the jacket. The waistband features a unique two-piece design that’s continuously chain stitched and then tucked in to reduce the chance of the chain stitch unraveling.

The processes in accomplishing these details are incredibly time consuming and require a certain skill level from the makers but in the end, it makes the jacket more aesthetically pleasing both inside and out. Not only that, it also makes the jacket that much more capable of handling the wear and tear from the owner.

Railcar Deuce X012 - Double waistband design with a continuous chain stitch

Double waistband design with a continuous chain stitch

As far as the design of the jacket goes, as mentioned it is a modern take on the iconic Levi’s Type II jacket. Some of the defining details of the Type II jacket are the rear straps on the waistband and the front pleats that originally were intended to allow the wearer to adjust the size of the jacket by cutting the stitching from the pleats. However, very few people these days utilize the pleats and straps for their original purposes. Thus, the decision was made to leave both elements out in order to give the jacket a more refined look that can be easily integrated into different styles.

The Deuce X012 jacket still retains the front pockets from the Type II design and are reinforced using copper rivets. While it was previously hinted that there could be hand pockets on the jacket, the ultimate decision was to leave them out because the slightly shorter body design would have made the pockets sit too high for comfort.

The jacket is currently available for pre-order which will end on Jan 27th. In talking with Steven Dang, the founder of Railcar Fine Goods, he mentioned that the plan is to offer the jacket several times a year or as supplies and time allow. For those who can’t take advantage of the preorder now, there may be future chances to order again. That said, be warned – Railcar is a small operation that doesn’t outsource any of their work so with the increased demand and workload there may be some time in between offerings.


  • Name: Railcar Fine Goods Deuce X012 Jacket
  • Weight: 14.75 Oz.
  • Denim:  Red lined selvedge denim from Cone Mills
  • Other Details:
    • Triple stitching throughout
    • Fell seams so there are no exposed seams anywhere
    • Double waistband design with continuous chain stitching
    • Two front pockets reinforced with rivets
    • Selvedge throughout the inside of the jacket
  • Available at: Preorder at Railcar Fine Goods for $248.00
Railcar Deuce X012 - No exposed seams and rivets for the pockets

No exposed seams and rivets for the pockets

Railcar Deuce X012 - Selvedge ID along the back seam

Selvedge ID along the back seam

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