A Brief Look At Japan’s Factotum – Clean, Modern, And Distinct

Most of raw denim’s most familiar and beloved brands are recognizably inspired by vintage American clothing from the early-mid twentieth century. Some brands excel at detailed reproductions of vintage garments, while others adapt the materials and construction techniques of vintage garments to modernized fits and tastes. Then there are brands like Factotum – who make clearly modern garments in which the heritage of previous decades is less noticeable, if present at all.

The brand’s denim line strikes an enviable balance between a clean, modern aesthetic and distinct details that distinguish the brand from others. Made from sanforized denim, their raw jeans have a smooth surface and shine that rewards those who wear for long periods without washing. The brand’s subtle arcs and rivets make their jeans immediately recognizable among a sea of raw denim with no distinguishing features.

Factotum Selvage Denim Jean Jacket

Factotum 12 oz. Selvage Denim Jean Jacket (source: blueingreensoho.com)

But one of Factotum‘s standout pieces are the Raw Denim Tapered Slacks, which offer raw denim in a something a little different from the standard five-pocket jean.  These slacks have the clean, minimalist appearance that runs throughout the brand’s collection, but the real treat – as with the best Japanese garments – is found in the details that are hidden from the casual observer.

Factocum Denim Selvedge Raw Denim Tapered Slacks

Factocum Denim Selvedge Raw Denim Tapered Slacks (source: blueingreensoho.com)

The slacks have a lined waistband, which adds to the comfort of the pair in addition to the clean stylistic touch. A look inside these slacks shows what makes Factotum special – a blend of sleek, versatile design and unique but subtle detailing that only the wearer can fully appreciate. This is a pair of pants that’s as at home in casual wear as in a slightly dressed-up environment – but which will, like a good pair of jeans, age and get better with time.

Factocum Denim Selvedge Detailing