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Roy Big Bro Natural Indigo Dyed Denim Shirt – Just Released

Roy Big Bro Natural Indigo Dyed Denim Shirt

For a while now, fans of Roy have been asking about a denim shirt that feature the same kind of intricate details that Roy‘s jeans are known for. For the past year or so, pictures of Roy himself wearing prototypes of a denim shirt have been popping up around forums and Instagram feeds and have cause many people to anticipate a denim shirt release. Finally, after a few delays due to the insane amount of work that went into making this shirt (he averages 1.25 shirts a day), Roy and Self Edge have formally announced the latest release, the Roy Big Bro Natural Indigo Dyed Denim Shirt.

Roy Big Bro Denim ShirtThe shirt is made from an 8 Oz. natural leaf indigo-dyed 2X1 right hand twill denim made by Collect Mills in Japan. The nature of how the shirt is dyed means that the shirt will crock more than normal at first (there are written instructions on how to soak the shirt in the beginning) but as a result, the shirt will show much more character with wear. The inside shoulder, neck, cuffs, as well as gussets are all lined with a rare Cone Mills Supima cotton selvedge chambray that is the last chambray of its kind because Cone Mills is no longer making chambray fabrics.

Roy is known for a lot of personal touches in his garments and this time around, he enlisted the help of his girlfriend, Molly, to dye the tag fabric with dyes she made from Eucalyptus and Oxalis plants in Oakland. As for hardware, the shirt features aluminum cat eye buttons that will show unique aging along with the fabric.

Chambray lined gusset with chainstitch runoff

Chambray lined gusset with chainstitch runoff

As expected from Roy, the construction and design details of the Big Bro shirt utilizes some techniques not seen often from any brand and what’s especially interesting is that many of the details are subtle or even hidden from view. The body is stitched together using Supima cotton thread which has the same strength as poly-core thread but is 100% cotton while the button holes are sewn together using poly-core thread.

The busted selvedge seam up the back of the shirt is a great detail not found often in shirts and with time, you’ll begin seeing train tracks up the back much like the out seam on jeans. The placket features a double placket design and a crazy hemstitch all the way up the shirt that is hidden from view when worn. Lastly, on the inside of the right chest pocket, you’ll find the name “Roy” chainstitched into the shirt.


Chainstitched “Roy” on the inside of the front pocket

With each release, Roy solidifies his reputation of creating products that are unlike anything else produced by other brands. As a result, he’s garnered a loyal following of people who geek out over the details and interestingly enough, it’s the same details that have created detractors as well. Regardless of where you stand, it’s hard to deny the skill and work that goes into every release and the Big Bro is truly impressive. Only 80 pieces were made this time around and as usual, won’t be made again so it’s best to jump on this fast if you’re looking to get it.


  • Name: Roy Big Bro Natural Indigo-Dyed Denim Shirt
  • Weight: 8oz.
  • Denim: 100% cotton natural leaf dyed 2X1 denim from Collect Mills in Japan, deadstock selvedge chambray from Cone Mills.
  • Other details:
    • High thread count Egyptian cotton tag fabric, hand dyed using dye made from Eucalyptus and Oxalis found in Oakland
    • Solid aluminum cat-eye buttons
    • Triple needle stitching in the body, double needle stitching for pockets
    • Chainstitch “Roy” on the inside pocket
    • Double placket design to cover the back of the buttons
    • All handmade by Roy on vintage Singer machines
    • Activity Envelope
  • Available at: Self Edge for $395.00

Roy Big Bro Denim Shirt

Roy Big Bro Denim Shirt

Roy Big Bro Denim Shirt

Care instructions and activity envelope

Care instructions and activity envelope

Roy Big Bro Denim Shirt - Busted seam and stitching on the placket

Busted seam and stitching on the placket

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