How to Look Different While Wearing the Same Jeans Everyday

Despite the extensive list of reasons raw denim is superior to standard distressed denim, one cannot overlook the drawbacks. Breaking in and revealing the nature of one’s denim comes with its struggles, wearing the same jeans every day without looking repetitive is one of the chief among them. Here are some ways to change things up and keep your look fresh on the daily.


Red Wing x Tenue de Nimes Natural Indigo-Dyed Boots

Red Wing x Tenue de Nimes Natural Indigo-Dyed Boots

The easiest way to spice up an outfit is having a variety of footwear at your disposal. Although the love of denim and love of leather appear to go hand in hand, one cannot rely on a single pair of Red Wing’s for daily wear and without their appearance becoming bland. Sure, those Wings are perfect for getting down and dirty or on a rainy day, but experiment with a pair of fabric chukkas, suede high tops, or minimalist casual shoes for warm summer nights or for copious walking.

Try to keep your colorways on the more subdued side if you aim to show off your denim to the fullest. A simple pair of Roshe Runs or Vans Authentic lace-ups will work as a comfortable casual shoe for a day on the town. Don’t be afraid to go sockless–it’s amazing what a cool wind on the ankles can do for one’s body temperature.

If showing off your selvedge is important, make sure any mid/high tops are cut in such a way that your jeans can be tucked or that your cuff can stack neatly on top. If you’re worried about indigo bleeding and marring the color of your shoes, stray from whites and lightly colored anything. Leather and suede stain just as easily as fabric, do not be fooled.


Raw Layering

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While not a possibility in summer, take advantage of this option while the weather remains cool! Layering is the perfect way to create a unique look every day. A nice button-up collared shirt is a good place to start. Long sleeves look better when layered, but be sure that the frame of the shirt still sits correctly:  firm on the shoulders and the sleeves should touch the bone at the junction of palm and wrist. Stock up in neutral colors, as other colors will limit options when layering.

The fun of layering really begins with the layers following your foundation where you can add cardigans, sweaters, or crewnecks. Feel free to experiment with different colors, designs, and materials to build your looks especially if the color of your foundation layer is neutral. And don’t forget to think logically about the situation and weather you’ll be encountering. A button up with a wool sweater is not practical for a night indoors and it can be difficult to pull off the drenched in sweat look.


hollows belt accessory

Hollows Leather keychain, belt, and key cover

It seems accessories are a truly downplayed, but very important detail, of fashion. A watch shouldn’t detract or distract, but rather accentuate. Simple designs work best. A leather wristband will provide a more wearable, less gaudy feel with brown or natural leather.

A good belt can be a denim enthusiast’s best friend, it can sometimes mean the difference between retirement and continued wear for your favorite pair, or just exist to keep your jeans in a comfortable position. Reversible belts and removable buckles are generally poor quality. When choosing a belt, go through a reputable company and don’t be afraid to invest in something like a natural leather belt. It will pay for itself in the long run.

An eclectic variety of hats is also a good way to differentiate any outfit. Whether your professionalism or style require a baseball, 5-panel, 6-panel, or full brimmed hat, experiment with different colors and patterns to fully accent your ensemble.


Wearing the same pair of jeans every day doesn’t have to mean a monotonous or bland appearance. With a little bit of effort and variety in your wardrobe, never again will you look the same two days in a row.