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Tankfarm & Co. Bridge Straight Relaxed Fit Raw Denim – Review

The Seal Beach, California-based Tankfarm & Co. has been featured on RawrDenim before, roughly 8 months ago with a peek into their beautifully laid-out shop. Their brick-and-mortar and online shops feature an array of brands, as well as clothing under their own label. One such venture that will interest those cost-conscious denim fans is the Tankfarm & Co. Bridge Straight Relaxed Fit Raw Denim.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pair, which features a lightweight 11.5 Oz. denim that’s perfect for the hot summer. One thing to note–this denim is not selvedge. Regardless, I was impressed with the details and polish of the product, and gives credence that the words “non-selvedge” and “quality” are not always mutually exclusive.

The relaxed straight fit of the Bridge interests me, since I tend to lean more towards tapered/slim straight fits in my denim. However, with the rise in popularity of the anti-fit and the fact that due to time in the gym I can’t wear low-rise, crotch-punishing jeans, I went into the experience with an open mind. Besides that, the denim is also priced very affordably, setting you back only $90.


  • Name: Tankfarm & Co. Bridge Straight Relaxed Fit Raw Denim
  • Fabric: Sanforized 100% cotton 3×2 right hand twill denim from a boutique denim mill in Mexico
  • Weight: 11.5 Oz.
  • Fit: Relaxed straight leg
  • Other details:
    • Contrast copper-tone topstitching
    • Covered stitching at the hem
    • Clean-edge seams on pocket bags
    • Logo-branded buttons and rivets
  • Available at: Tankfarm & Co. for $90


First, to allay (some of) the fears of those worried about this pair of denim being non-selvedge–this is a quality fabric. Right hand twill is nothing out of the ordinary, but the weave does have an especially soft hand for something so lightweight. Combined with the 11.5 Oz. weight, these looser fit jeans will make for some summer-appropriate outfits.

Sourced from a boutique denim mill in Mexico, the denim seems to be of good quality. Mexican raw denim hasn’t been covered much, especially with the “Made in the USA” bandwagon still in full swing. Of course, the denim isn’t selvedge, so it can’t necessarily be compared to something established like Cone Mills.


Tankfarm & Co. Bridge Straight Relaxed Fit Raw Denim

Relaxed straight fits aren’t typically my cup of tea, but it’s worth venturing out of your comfort zone every now and then. The fit of the Bridge is true to form, and fairly similar to the straight leg of the Levi’s 501. I prefer to cuff my jeans, so the act of doing that (with some tight rolls) may give them more of a tapered appearance.

The seat and thighs have a comfortable amount of room for those who have more athletic thighs or just prefer a higher rise. Speaking of rise, the front rise on the Bridge is 11″, giving the pair of jeans a comfortable mid-rise feel. Although the fabric is sanforized, most denim fans know that after a lot of wear, jeans can sometimes “shrink up” and conform to the wearer’s body a bit. Other fit notes are a 15.5″ leg opening and a 15 3/8″ back rise.


Tankfarm & Co. Bridge Straight Relaxed Fit Raw Denim

Tankfarm & Co. use the typical branded hardware on the Bridge–at this point, it almost feels like a standard feature for most denim coming out these days. That being said, the hardware does not stand out too much and accentuates the rest of the jeans nicely.


Tankfarm & Co. Bridge Straight Relaxed Fit Raw Denim

Taking a glance at the Bridge, it seems like a well-constructed pair of jeans. Aside from one or two random strays, there aren’t any egregious errors. Something to note is that the back patch on these is not leather, but instead a thick black card stock, similar to thick poster paper. It remains to be seen how that patch responds to lots of wear, and potentially many washes. Those who treasure the back patch on their pair of jeans might be concerned on this point.

Tankfarm & Co. Bridge Straight Relaxed Fit Raw Denim

It’s already been noted that these jeans are not made with selvedge denim, but the designers included a detail that shows they are thinking about the people who like to cuff their jeans and show off the seam. The hem on these jeans features covered stitching on each separate edge, giving the cuffed jean a visibly well-crafted look. For someone who likes to cuff their jeans, it’s nice to know you won’t be showing off some unfortunate stitching job.

The pocket bags feature clean-edge seams, as opposed to the raw seams that are usually seen on pairs of jeans. It may be small, but it’s a nice touch of detail. Lastly, the denim is not only sourced from Mexico, but the jeans are also produced there.


All things said, the Tankfarm & Co. Bridge Straight Relaxed Fit Raw Denim is a cost-conscious option for those looking for quality denim who also don’t mind if it’s not selvedge. Of course, the non-selvedge point may turn plenty of people off. However, it’s worth knowing that a company like Tankfarm & Co. that is so focused on quality goods considers it a viable option for their products. Whether it’s the straight leg fit that interests you, the Mexican denim mill, or the relatively low cost of $90, the Bridge may be well worth the look.

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