Fade Friday – Railcar Fine Goods Viper X001 (2 years, 0 soaks, 0 washes)

Raw denim is sadly often limited to a boys club. Despite a few manufacturers making some great women’s options; knee bags, break-in pains, and a limited variety of cuts often make raws a hard sell for the ladies. But as evidenced by our fade today, there are a few gals out there wearing raw and wearing them damn well.

This pair of Railcar Fine Goods Vipers come to us from straight out of their Arcadia workshop. They were broken in by the company’s stockist manager who wore the jeans tirelessly, five days a week, as she readied more Railcars to ship out the door. This entailed moving lots of boxes, hence the crazy level of knee combs.

And these Vipers mean business, they’re made of the same 100% cotton non-stretch denim that goes on Railcar’s Spike X001 men’s jean and they’ve never touched water, which has led to the amazing brown-grey patina that often develops on unwashed but heavily worn sanforized fabric. Have a look below!


  • Name: Railcar Fine Goods Viper X001
  • Fabric: Cone Mills 100% cotton non-stretch selvedge denim
  • Weight: 13.5oz
  • Fit: Slim/Skinny
  • Other Details
    • YKK zip fly
    • Double layered two-piece waistband
    • Hand hammered rivets
    • All produced in-house in Railcar’s Arcadia, CA workshop
  • Available at Railcar Fine Goods for $198