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Fade Friday – 3×1 M3 in XX144 (15 months, 1 Rinse, 1 Wash)

Another Fade Friday is upon us and this time it’s brought to you by Heddels forum user Unnmd and his pair of 3×1 M3 jeans. Since buying his jeans, Unnmd has gone on to work for 3×1 and become an outlet of information on the forum for those curious about the company. The denim used for these is a deadstock 12 Oz. Cone Mills fabric that 3×1’s founder, Scott Morrison, found in Cone’s warehouse. The fabric had originally been created for Levi’s to use in a 40/50’s repro jean model.

Despite being purchased over two years ago, these weren’t initially much more than a weekender pair due to the fact that he was working at a different jean company. That changed last July and these have been dedicated to daily wear until he recently purchased another pair of 3×1.

Before their first true wash, Unnmd gave them an ocean rinse-style cleaning in the snow and freshened them up in the freezer with dryer sheets. The lack of water exposure–along with his body type–have caused holes aplenty in the honeycombs and wallet pocket, not to mention a solid crotch blowout.

Unfortunately, the original fit pics were lost but an image of the denim while raw remains. He’s taken plenty of pictures of the jean’s evolution so check them out below.


  • Name: 3×1 M3 XX144
  • Fabric:  Cone Mills yellow-green weft deadstock selvedge denim 
  • Weight: 12oz.
  • Fit: Slim-straight, slight taper below the knees
  • Unique features:
    • Selvedge rear belt loop
    • 3×1 branded buttons
    • Peak-a-boo selvedge back pocket
  • Currently unavailable



Prior to 1st Wash





 Post Wash







Think your denim is worthy of Fade Friday fame? Send us your pics at [email protected].