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Kr3w Denim Rehab Jeans – Denim Review

Skateboarding brand Kr3w Denim is looking to step up their denim game for their Spring/ Summer 2015 Collection. They sent us two different fits of a special blend of self healing denim that they developed with Cone Mills.

Branded the Rehab denim, the jeans solve a common problem that skateboarders and denim heads sometimes share–knee bagging and loss of shape within their jeans. Basically, the fabric is designed to shrink back to its original dimensions while you are not wearing thm. The special blend of traditional cotton Cone Mills Denim and S-Gene Technology help to ensure that the jeans will fit as well as the first time you wore them every time you put them on.


  • Name: Kr3w Denim Rehab Jeans
  • Fit: K Standard (Slim Taper) and Klassic (Straight)
  • Fabric: Non-selvedge Black Cone Mills Stretch Denim (special blend exclusive to Krew)
  • Weight: 10.5oz.
  • Unique Features:
    • Button Fly
    • Drawstring waist
    • Suede Back Patch and Pocket Labeling
    • Branded gunmetal Waist Button, Fly Buttons, and Riveting.
  • MSRP: $65 at Amazon



K Standard Fit

The K Standard is Kr3w’s most popular fit–a slim taper with the taper being a bit more dramatic than most. This is a good thing. The fit of the jean allows for a looser top block and the lower leg to be a bit slimmer so it stays out of the way while you skate.

Seeing as this is denim coming from a skate brand, I had to take them out for a few sessions to test their durability. I found that while pushing around and skating in them did tend to stretch the fabric a bit, giving them some resting time allowed them to shrink back to their original dimensions by time I threw them on for another wear. Rehab technology confirmed. The added stretch factor makes for an extremely comfortable wear. I found it to be quite a flattering fit for my body type. For those on the slimmer side, I would suggest sizing down.


Klassic Fit

The Klassic is your typical straight fit jean. However, I found them to be a bit too loose for my taste. The jeans stay straight top to bottom and provided some interesting stacks during my wear tests. The waist measurements and length on both were adequate for my 5’7″ frame, but I found the fit to be a bit unflattering because they were so loose on my legs. This fit will suit those of you with athletic builds and larger thigh areas, so heads up to our readers who hate the skinny jeans, these are for you!



The fabric is a non-selvedge sanforized 10.5 Oz. black stretch denim from Cone Mills that was designed exclusively for Kr3w to keep the shape and fit of the jeans. As it was explained to me, the denim “heals” itself and shrinks back to its original dimensions while you are not wearing them. This feature lasted until about the fifth week I wore the jeans, then they stopped shrinking back. To be fair, they had taken quite a beating during the time I wore them.

The hand of the denim is quite soft and smooth, perfect for the spring and summer months. Currently, the jeans have shrunk about an inch all around after the first wash. Due to the stretch included and the light weight of the denim, fades have been slow to set in. However, I am beginning to notice the start of some interesting whiskers across the front of the jeans.


button rivet

Upon first glance the jeans seem like your basic 5 pocket pair of raw black denim. Once you dig in though we find that Kr3w has begun to step their game up in terms of branding on their garments in an effort to bring a more premium feel to their line.

Branded suede back and pocket patches add some interesting texture to the mix. As always their back right belt loop is coated instead of being plain denim, in this case it is black waxed. Additionally they’ve incorporated a removable black waxed lace drawstring into the waistband of the jean.

Branded buttons on the waist and fly keep everything together in the center while rivets on the front pockets protect the stress points. Keep your eye out for an extra two on the right side as Kr3w’s signature to their jeans. Finishing everything off is some clean black tonal stitching to keep the jeans as murdered out as possible.



Flat out, this is a jean made for skateboarding and Kr3w has mastered the art of making a sturdy jean that is also disposable enough that it won’t break your bank a million times over to purchase again. The rivets at the stress points serve their purpose by holding the jeans together while flinging yourself down the occasional set of stairs or cruising through a bowl or mini ramp.

Overlock seams keep the legs together while them hems are chainstitched. Bartacking keeps the pack pockets and coin pocket in place. The front pocket bags are made of a lightweight white cotton.



For what you are paying these jeans are unbeatable. They’re not trying to be anything that they don’t claim to be. Just a solid raw jean from Cone Mills denim made to be accessible for the skate market. If you’re looking for a tapered jean with an awesome cut that won’t break the bank this is it. Just don’t expect any selvedge.

I like the cut of these better than the most other tapered jeans that I have tried, mainly due to the fact that the dive after the knee is so slim. Dollar for dollar I think this is a strong competitor for a summer weight jean that holds its own against many of the higher priced options in the market. It’s priced well enough that if you tear them to shreds after all day sessions or if you just wanted to take a chance on them that you won’t feel guilty about going out to get another pair or leaving them to mellow if you did not like them. A definite recommended choice.

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