Dawson Denim Hickory & Leather Mercantile Apron – Just Released

Fifteen years of family heritage and a specialist workshop in Brighton, East Sussex forms the anatomy of Dawson Denim. Today, we’re taking a look at their Hickory and Leather Mercantile Apron.

In the 1930’s red line selvedge denim was used to connote the highest quality denim. Using denim from a family run mill of 100 years and a red line selvedge, Dawson Denim remains constant and conscious in their denim goods. They even feature a unique “log book” in which its consumer may return any damaged product within the first six months of use to Dawson Denim for a hand sewn, in-shop repair.

The Hickory and Leather Mercantile Apron is a replica of the common apron worn by both men and women working in grocery and dry goods up until the late 1950s. All aprons are made of indigo dyed hickory stripe Japanese denim and detailed with Dawson branded buttons. The apron measures in at 31″ wide X 39″ long, finished with leather straps and fastened with metal buckles.  Keeping to Dawson Denim policy, each apron pertains to “log book” qualification.


  • Name: Hickory and Leather Mercantile Apron
  • Materials:
    • 12 oz. indigo dyed, Japanese selvedge denim
    • Saddlery leather
    • Metal buckles
  • Fit: unisex, one size
  • Unique Features:
  • $155 USD available at the Dawson Denim