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7 Things You Can Fade in Your Pocket

It’s clear that we’re a bit obsessed with fades here at Heddels, as are our readers. A semi-controversial fade subject is that of the pocket fade. Denimheads are commonly split into two camps; one that believes you should just use your pockets for the common items (cell phone, wallet, etc.) they were designed for, and another that excitedly cram random objects into their pockets just to achieve a unique fade.

We’ll let you be the judge on what fades are the kind for you, but read on to see the different kinds of items people stuff inside their raw denim pockets and the interesting fades that are a result.

1. Wallet

Probably the most common of pocket fades, wallets make their their way into most back pockets of raw denim wearers. Since wallets themselves are fairly consistent in size and shape, their fades tend to be easily recognizable.

The only downside of wallet fades is when you have a dark, classy pair of denim for dressing-up situations–the wallet fade is usually the first thing to develop on a new pair of jeans since we, as humans, spend a hell of a lot of time sitting.

2. Cell Phone

Not much explanation needed here–since basically everyone carries around a smartphone these days, these are just about as common as a wallet fade. Some phones are thicker and thinner than others, so the fades themselves will vary as well.

3. Lighters

For the smoking segment of raw denim wearers, this one’s a bit more of a necessity. The lighter fade–most often earned with a Zippo in the front coin pocket–can be found on American jeans through to the 1930s.

4. Coins

Some people actually use their coin pockets for their actual purpose–storing coins. However, some raw denim wearers will stack multiple coins in the pocket or line them up in a row to achieve unique fades. To each, their own.

5. Lip Balm / Dipping Tobacco

Still talking about items that could be classified as “the necessities” for some, lip balm (either in stick or can form) and dipping tobacco frequently find themselves in the pockets of raw denim owners. Whether they’re in the front or back pockets, they’re unmistakeable–for better or worse.

6. Patches / Cut-Outs

Now we’re crossing into the area where people start to disagree on necessity. Wearers have left patches, metal cut-outs, or any other shapes with a hard edge in their pockets to achieve a special fade.

Whether you consider these to be visually appealing or an eyesore, it’s pretty special how denim shows its character through wear and tear.

7. Weapons?

Here we are in the land of absurdity for most–carrying around weapons like brass knuckles in your jean pockets just for the fade. Besides having to take a look at concealed weapon laws in your state, you also run the risk of looking like a blowhard.

Do you really want someone to ask about the brass knuckles in your pocket, only to then have to tell them that it’s just for the faded look? Unless you’re a street brawler, you might want to stick to your lip balm.

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