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Fullcount x Pronto PROXFC16 Indigo x Indigo Jeans

Thailand’s premier denim shop, Pronto recently wrapped up their annual Pronto Carnival which saw over a dozen brands from all over the world come together to show their unique wares, many of which had special makeups specifically for the event. Since this year’s theme was camping and jungle inspired, each brand brought pieces that showed off their wild sides. From super heavy weight denims to giant leather wallets and vintage reproductions, Pronto Carnival 2014 did not disappoint.

Out of the many exclusive items presented at the event, Fullcount‘s PROXFC16 stood out as a piece with enough character to differentiate itself while still appealing to a wider denim audience. It’s made of a beefy 18 oz. broken twill with the weft yarns comprised of a mix of indigo-dyed threads and natural threads.

If you look closely you’ll see that the front coin pocket is actually a different type of denim than the rest of the garment. This feature is intentional on Fullcount’s part and will result in an interesting, yet subtle fade. The leather patch, made just for the carnival, is sewn simultaneously with the waistband and flaunts a rather menacing-looking hyena – a nod to this year’s theme. Camo print pocket bags also contribute to the theme. To finish it all, the Fullcount arcuate is sewn in green thread in a sashiko-like rendition.

They retail for 10,900 THB or about $330. But since they were made exclusively for the event, you’ll have to find someone who’s willing to give them up.