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Japan Blue JB0416 Jazz Nep Denim

Tired of that regular old indigo dyed denim? Neither are we. But if you’re the type of denim lover that might run in the same circles as Brandon Svarc, this next release from Japan Blue will probably appeal to you. We covered this unicorn of a jean back in July for Capsule Show SS15 and have been antsy to get more details on this guy.

It’s a tweedy looking fabric made in a classic 5 pocket style. Though the fabric itself is traditionally a fall/winter fabric, the addition of a brighter color palette of neps throughout the jean adds some an interesting contrast. Think of their so-called ‘Jazz Nep Denim’ as less smooth jazz and more bebop.

To get this interesting texture, the weft threads are rope-dyed black while the warp threads are made up of a base color of either brown or grey with a combination of colors woven throughout. The fabric itself is a mixture of cotton, acrylic, wool, nylon, and polyester which come together to form a warm, and breathable fabric.


  • Name: Japan Blue JB0416 Jazz Nep
  • Fabric: Cotton and wool blend twill
  • Fit: Slim Tapered
    • Other Details:
      • Natural cowhide leather patch
      • ‘Blue’ embossed buttons
  • MSRP $175 at Okayama Denim