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Tanner Goods Chestnut Dublin Collection

When it comes to Horween leather, you’ll most likely hear Chromexcel and No. 8 Shell Cordovan referenced more than anything else. But oft left from the chatter is an equally covetable hide–Dublin.

With Tanner Goods’ latest collection, they give Horween’s Dublin leather its due appreciation. Since Dublin leather is vegetable tanned, it’s noticeably firmer than Chromexcel which is chrome tanned. However, they’re both pull up leathers, so there’s a great amount of variation in tones, ultimately giving way to a lot of character. Tanner went with the chestnut color of the Dublin leather, which will reveal more of the characteristics of the hides than a darker leather. It’s also undergone nearly the same tanning process as shell cordovan, only it’s done on cow leather and it results in a waxier finish.

The Dublin Chestnut collection incorporates the handsome leather into many of their signature pieces from their Journeyman card wallet to their Wilderness Rucksack and even their Nokori Folding Chair.

Prices range from $10 to $495 and you can find them all on their website.