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8 Raw Denim New Year’s Resolutions

The above photo is just one example of how much you can accomplish in a single year. 2014 has just faded to a close, and as we enter into 2015 we thought it would be a good time to lay out some goals and resolutions for next year’s denim projects. Here are some of our suggestions:

1. Wash your jeans at least once


This one is more obvious to some than others. Washing your jeans will help them last longer and, y’know, not smell awful. If you’re unsure of if it’s time for a dip, have a look at the most common signs you should wash your jeans.

2. Learn what the Japanese on your clothing actually says


The NBA’s Shawn Marion thought he had “The Matrix” (his nickname) tattooed on his calf in Chinese, the real translation however is “Demon Bird Mothballs“. Don’t be like Shawn Marion, know what the words you’re wearing actually mean.

3. Go on a denim pilgrimage

Image courtesy AB Fits

Matias Denim Workshop

Only the most dedicated of denim fans go so far that they incorporate it into their travel plans. I have met my fair share of folks on the indigo hadj, they arrive with full wallets and empty suitcases and go home vice versa. Popular spots include Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Tokyo, Okayama, Amsterdam, and many others.

4. Stay the same size as your denim collection


Even a pair of Momotaro Gold Labels won’t do you much good if you can’t get them over your thighs. Sometimes the best motivator to stay in shape (or at least in the same shape) is holding on to your jeans.

5. Learn to sew and/or darn

How to Repair Pocket Bag Blowouts

Learning to sew and darn your own clothes not only saves you money on repairs and tailoring, it’s also a fun hobby that lends a much greater understanding and appreciation of how garments are put together. Get started with our guide to DIY repairs.

6. Don’t buy new jeans until your old ones are finished/retired


Do your jeans look like the ones above? If not, they still have a good bit of life left in them. Put yourself and your jeans to the test by wearing until you can wear them no more before moving on to another pair. Your wallet will thank you and you might just end up on Fade Friday.

7. Indigo dye something

indigo dyeing

Turn your whole world blue with another DIY project. Ten bucks and an afternoon is all it takes–dip dye, tie dye, plain dye, rope dye, you can do it all with our backyard guide.

8. Wear raw denim every day

Fit pictures after 16 months

This one shouldn’t be hard. Happy New Year from everyone here at Heddels!

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